What is the real aim of the ‘war on terror’?

I often find myself asking this question, but never find an answer. The events of the 11th of September 2001 were tragic and disgusting. This prompted the US to declare a “war on terror” which somehow meant invading countries. Bush also stated, and I quote, “you are with us or you are against us”, and cajoled countries such as ours (although in Blairs case there was not much cajoling) to invade countries in this so called ‘war on terror’. Now, I believe it is a great thing to fight terrorism. However, why are all the resources being spent on fighting the enemies of the US? I do not see US troops in Spain fighting ETA, I do not see US troops in Sri Lanka fighting the ‘Tamil Tigers’ etc. Then of course we have the invasion of Iraq which again Blair could not wait to commit British troops too after lying to the nation and which resulted in terror attacks in London. The excuse of ‘war on terror’ has also been used for invading Iraq (amongst the many) and indeed when looking at comments left by people from the US on other forums it seems many yanks believe that Iraq was also responsible for the heinous attacks in New York.

I really do not see how invading countries can stop terrorism. Infiltrating terrorist cells is probably a much more effective way of doing it.
To me the whole alleged “war on terror” is a front to either US expansionism and to use other countries troops and support to do it.
A cynic would say that he american arms industry was in trouble and needed a war to get the money rolling in again. Along with the Bush family having money invested in these companies.....

and yes I am a cynic!
Simple, to reduce the civil liberties and freedoms of law abiding citizens, under the guise of keeping them safe from those naughty terrorists. Whilst also selling to large global corporations, all the information held on various databases about everyone.
Time for my medication as i am starting to sound like a tin foil hat wearing anti globalist.


I believe that Madeleine Albright once said words to the effect of "whats the point in having the most powerful armed forces in the world if you don't use them occasionally?"

A cynic may say that the current conflicts are linked to a long-term US policy of maintaining its position as the worlds only superpower for the next generation at least. Britain spent much of the late 19th century in a very similar position and used the large and effective Royal Navy to maintain the Empire and its position relative to other European powers.

We forget that Britain was exceptionally unpopular through much of the world for the first half of the 20th century. At the end of WWII the USA did much to help undermine and accelerate the demise of the British Empire.

Its all about power. The Russians and Chinese know this and are probably sitting back contentedly while the USA creates enemies around the world through unsubtle use of power.
Thinking he was quoting Bush, Cabana wrote:

Bush also stated, and I quote, “you are with us or you are against us”

In fact my dear Cabana the SOB said, "you are either with us - or you are with the terrorists.

How about that then? It seems to say if you disagree with Bush you must be a terrorist sympathiser or indeed a terrorist yourself.
Real aim of the war on terror?? Simple answer.. re-election of comrades bush and bliar..

Stay safe
While no one was looking they were buying up shares in Andrex.
Then they started the 'War on Terror.'
Now they have got us all s'hitting ourselves they are cleaning up the profits from the extra bog roll sales.
Answer D: - All of the Above.

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