What is the Queens Medal worth?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by napier, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

  2. The seller doesn't even know who the winner is so it's clearly not the first time it's changed hands.
  3. At least it can't be worn. Anybody from the class off 88 know the guy it was awarded to?

    Perhaps it's been knicked...
  4. According to the bumf on the e-bay page it belongs to Major Kenneth Jan David Hume MBE, The Royal Welch Fusiliers (MBE awarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2000). He was awarded the Queen's Medal in 1988
  5. 8 pounds or so at the moment - maybe Ken Hume will buy it back, as I am sure that anyone that knows him has been emailing/texting him all day to find out the score.
  6. Why does the individual belives is should be sold in such a manner?
  7. What is this medal awarded for?
  8. Queen's Medal is awarded at Sandhurst to the Officer Cadet with the best scores across a range of subjects; shooting, essays etc (I can't remember all of the criteria).
  9. Interesting as to how that got onto ebay as I cannot imagine the original recipient would have sold it. I'll email RHQ 1RW and pass the info on to them.
  10. It was stolen and hopefully the original recipient will soon be reunited with it.
  11. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I have emailed the seller and asked them to contact RHQ R Welsh.
  12. In this case it was stolen, but I have seen medal sets at Militaria Fairs (I collect insignia not medals by the way) and in many cases it is because the winner/recipient has deceased and the family decide to sell them on. Many reputable dealers check new medals to the market on the police lists which are distributed.

    The number of Falklands, Gulf and modern medal sets I have seen does annoy me at times, but even the holder themselves sometimes sell them on for a bit of extra money, as not every serviceman is lucky to have a very well paid job.
  13. This is still listed as being for sale.
  14. Been withdrawn from sale, hopefully to be returned to its rightful owner...........
  15. A friend of mine won both The Sword and Queens Medal.His have not been stolen,and he wants to hand them on to his son,in the hope that he might also go into the Army.