What is the Protocol?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Baz44, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Ok Chaps just been hit with a curve ball.
    I have just been spammed with hosting some local dignitaries, a local county High Sherif (no not John Wayne) , Lord Lieutenant and Mayor questions as folows:

    a) Are they to be saluted on the first meeting? (believe one or two both wear uniforms)
    b) How are they addressed sir or by their title?
    c) Who is the most senior?

    Any heads up would be of great help

  2. Sir. Easy.

    If they are wearing head dress salute. Can't hurt. Technically we are prob still meant to salute ladies....
  3. You need to get hold of a copy of Debrett's Form first thing Monday AM - try the Adjt office. It lays out seniority, forms of address, etc.

    A good hint is to photocopy the page as well. If someone challenges you on the etiquette, you have the proof that you have it right. I know this from past experience!
  4. I think it is:

    1. Lord Lieutenant (Sir)
    2. High Sheriff (Sir)
    3. Mayor (Mr or Madam Mayor)

    Salute all of them. The first two are representatives of the Crown IMHO and the latter is a big enough local cheese anyway!!!

  5. The Lord Lieutenant represents the Sovereign in the County. I'd take a flyer and say he is the senior and deserves to be waved at.
    Have a scan of this:
  6. Salute all. I believe the order of precedence is Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Mayor. Not sure how to adress them initially (been an American citizen for a long time now) though Your Worship seems to ring a bell regarding the Mayor and the High Sheriff. Sir (or Ma'am) is sufficient after the initial conversation.
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    This is one to hit your Razz man with on Mon AM I was hit with a similar problem it involved many happy hours of phone calls. In the end we turned up to rehearsals and a liaison visit in blazer and Corps tie.

    Invariably there is some sage old boy who remembers the form, from Princess Alice’s visit/funeral. And do you know what he was right and if he wasn’t no one on the rehearsal new any better any way.

    Roll with it all will be come clear. If not try your Corps/Arm Adjt or the ADC or even Op bridges committee. GSM LONDIST would be aware of most variances in these matters.

    Or you could salute everything that moves
  8. Lord Lieutenant can be addressed as Sir, but if they hold a title and are not serving military, then you should address them as such. Always start with the title and refer to them as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' from the on.

    Knight - Sir ****

    Lord - My Lord or Lord (title)

    Duke - Your Grace

    Here's a Wiki page on correct forms of Address. Have a butchers.
  9. One should salute whenever one would normally raise his hat (but can't because it would put you out of uniform). So said my first CO - Dickie Weare - and he was an absolute stickler for getting things right.
  10. OK Chaps
    Duly approached Adj first thing Am who responeded with a 'Debretts what?' and now have him in a flat spin! :) Didn't mention I had asked the experts on ARRSE much more fun to watch him flap.
    Then headed to the RSM who obviously gave a confident Sir - I haven't a clue but leave it with me (damn good chap)
    Will see what comes forth however now have your expert advice to hand as a fallback position

    Many thanks to all for the feedback much appreciated

  11. There it just goes to prove what I have always maintained, Adjutants and RSMs are manufactured in some secret Ordnance Depot in the Midlands. I suspect that if you flung the same fastball at 10 of each species, you would get 10 flat-spinning Adjutants and have to leave the problem with 10 RSMs, confident that it would be sorted. Of course when I was an Adjutant I was self-made and knew stuff like this because my mummy taught me how to address dignitaries of varying dimensions and prowess.
  12. Well Cuddles it just goes to show the failing of society today - wish I had a mother like that to give me such a quality start in life!
    Actually being an ex ranker still cannt supress that ability to send certain fellow officers into a tizzy :) Another nail in my CR.
    Actually I did the obvious thing and asked you guys for a steer my next port of call was to be the RSM and then the Adjt.
    But then on advice and owing to the above I visited the Adjt first confident this would be enough to set his week off to a bad start :)
    Still all came right in the end and thats what counts

  13. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Wasn't there a northern Lord Mayor(?) who was also a SSgt in the TA and who used to confuse units by conducting official visits in Cbt 95? Who salutes who on that occasion?
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Mushroom's sagacity and wisdom knows no bounds. A polite officer in uniform should routinely salute civilians - and particularly ladies - on first meeting them, whether Dukes, Duchesses or dustmen. Common courtesy costs nothing.
  15. Although one does get some pretty odd looks from the office cleaners when one salutes them.