What is the process of deciding which job choice you get?

Hello all.

Today I done the BARB test and got a score of 85. The three job options I ended up choosing are:

1st - RLC Supplier
2nd - RLC Driver - Port Operator
3rd - Infantry (Mercian)

Assuming I am more than capable of passing the medical and physical side of things, what other factors are there which could play a part in what job choice I'll get? Or is it to do with vacancies for those certain positions?

Also, how come when I said infantry as my third choice the advisor was like "Huh?! are you sure? Are you sure you're sure? Are you certain?" etc. I gave it alot of thought and decided that was what I want but he kinda put doubt in my mind.

Thanks, Mordelly.
Sounds like he was just making sure you were sure! :p

as I gather 85 is a pretty good score and means you can go for a lot of what they have to offer and infantry, I think, would generally need to lowest possible score. Like getting 90% in your leaving cert/GCSE's but choosing to be a chicken farmer! :p I think...
Yeah I guess that is a fair enough point. I have this niggling thing though about the infantry, like the romanticism or whatever you call it gets me.

Another question I have, the recruiting officer told me that the next time I hear from him will be in regards to the medical and 1.5 mile run, but I thought or read somewhere that there was an initial interview before the ADSC? Is that not always the case?

Thanks for the help, Mordelly.
There is TWO interviews after your RG8 forms have cleared,One with your recruiter and one with the Sgt Major I think.
Then you go off to selection,that's if your RG8 has cleared and you have decent interviews!

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