What is the problem with the deployment of 1 BW?

I posted the following on the current affairs thread, but am likely to get some 'interesting' replies there, so I thought I'd ask the brethren.

Before I start, I'm donning CBA and helmet but:

Whilst the extension of the tour sucks badly, and I have every sympathy for the blokes as well as the families, this being one of the biggest kicks in the stones the system can offer us, I have to ask, what's the problem with the deployment?

1. TACOM US? I believe we were considerably more than that last year, and no doubt will be in the future. It just does not appear an issue. We have our own ROE.

2. WTF is all of the bollcocks about it being much more dangerous than we're used to. Try telling that to the PWRR who have fired considerably more / received more inbound than the battlegroups who fought the war last year.

3. Which right minded infantryman wouldn't be entirely up for it?

Finally, let's use this as an opportunity to prove just how good we are at this sort of thing, and show the US how it is done.

Spade's out, and I'm digging.....

Surely this is what we do, and I might add, do better than anyone else on the planet. Let's do the job we've been set, and get the boys back home.

Stay safe lads, and good luck.
No one is disputing what we know we can do........... :D :wink: What as you have to be aware of surely is the deceitful way the whole thing has been handled :evil:

Naturally families are going to be hacked off.......so are perhaps a lot of the jocks, however as you say they may well be looking forward to it on a professional level.

I too am getting p*ssed off at the repeated 'relative calm claims..........if the area is so relatively calm why dont the news crews go and get some fecking new pictures of soldiers on the ground rather than using 'Library' film :evil: :evil:
Where is the deceit in the way this has been handled? As far as I can see, the normal procedures for handling a request of this nature have been followed.

The only criticism I can see is of the political weasels leaking it before the Chiefs sat, and gave Hoon the MILITARY advice. Bar that, it all appears above board.

The US areon their chinstraps as far as manning goes. We are in a position to help, so perhaps we should?

As ever, the media are playing this out for all it is worth, to what end I do not know, hyping up a militarily ignorant population I'm afraid.
i agree with dogmonkey... there's no deceit involved... it must be very annoying for the families involved but unfortunately the task in iraq demands it...

in addition i don't even think it was the politicians who leaked it... i thought some of the families got noticifation the BW might be staying on... this news spread to local MP's who asked questions - which is fair enough... the government said yes this is being considered and finally confirmed that it is actually happening...
I dont see any problem with it purely on a professional level.

Where it does get somewhat disagreeable is that fact that - arguably - it is all part of a Bush PR campaign for the election, scant days away now.
He wants
a) to show that the Brits are still well in support of him
b) wants to free up troops for a big assault on Fallujah, which he can tout as a huge Bush/US victory over terrorism.

So the debate becomes - why the fcuk should our troops get screwed around just so the Shrub and co. get another 4 years to further destabilise the world.

And as for the 'peaceful' duties in the south - well that's media misrepresentation and I wish people would start calling them on it. Pointing out that there are a lot of rounds being fired both ways. It just seems quieter down there 'cause the British troops are more used to this sort of warfare and handle it better than the gung-ho colonials!

The main problem is that no-one trusts the bunch of liars and cheats that pass for our elected representatives, particularly in such grave matters. It would be nice to believe that there is no truth to the idea that this is all about the presidential election and that this is really for the benefit of the Iraqi people but this is not borne out by experience!
inept? what was inept about the redeployment????

i'm not arguing that politician's are pure creatures who never use spin... but the fact is the iraqi elections are timetabled for jan... while it's possible to hold the elections but not allow voting in falluja etc this would not be an ideal solution... so we need a big push to make it possible to have polling stations in falluja etc...
I think you misunderstood Tricam.......Inept as in the way it was handled by Bliars Circus. Inept in reference to the re-deployment; as far as I understood it they are still in the South................perhaps you know better :?
i'm no particular fan of blair and his amazing flying circus but i don't see what they've done is deceitful... inept... wrong... in this case????

I don't think its a good idea for us to attack blair's every action because it reduces the effect of our attack when we have a genuine valid point...
I agree that, despite all the kerfuffle surrounding this deployment, we would all give our eye teeth to be part of it. May it ever be thus.

I am, nevertheless, intrigued by the causes of the kerfuffle.

May I suggest that there are lots of parties in all this, each of whom has a different agenda. We need to look beyond the obvious for some of the more esoteric answers.

The fly is cast…
This is all a lot of fuss by people who don't have a clue. I'm a British soldier, and we have known about this redeployment for several weeks, all prior to this becoming public. I was due to go to Iraq in May, but now will probably go sooner, if so, then so be it - it's my job! Maybe the American military is realising the tactics they have been using are flawed and need our help?

And rumours would have abounded............if your Army then you'll know what I mean..........

I do find it slightly bemusing that you don't see anything hurried and inept about:

The handling of the announcement.
The timing of the announcement.
The possible ramifications (politically) of just such an announcement.
No i'm not a soldier..... (yet anyway, I have the main board coming up soon so fingers crossed...)

and just to confirm... i don't see anything inept about the handling, timing or ramifications of the announcement... I'm genuinely interested to hear exactly why you think it was inept? - instead of just repeating you think it was inept...
ok then..whilst i compose a reasoned answer.why dont you state the case for what you consider (apparently) to be a well handled Government extension of the Military Task?

While I'm at it.............I don't necessarily disagree with the aim/purpose of the re-deployment. :D
130,000 US troops and they are desperate to have a Regt plus of our blokes fill a gap....................????????????? sorry I cannot see the sence in that at all. What I can see howwever is the Iraqi militants having a field day trying to pop off as many of the guys in that particular area to undermine the government. On e BW lad is shot and Blair and Hoon are in the firing line themselves. there will be a cabinet revolt and a lot of anti american feeling among the British prolitariate and guess who will have won? Yes.....You guessed it.......... The militants who will see this as a Big Brucies bonus. And by the way....you honestly do not believe that it will be done after the US elections for any other reason than just in case bush does get in that at least he will have another 4 years. If it was before and our troops were killed, he would not stand a chance. Thats my view and I@m sticking to it. I must not however forget to say that I sincerely hope all the lads in the BW do a stirling job and come home safely. We are all thinking of them.
Apart from all the political bollocks. Speaking from a purely infantry soldier's point of view (albeit a retired one) If I know The Black Watch I bet they are raring to go. Every other Scottish regiment would give their eye teeth to be in their shoes (highland). The publicity generated by their impending move may just sway the powers that be to seriously rethink diluting their identity.

In the words of that well known song "It's all gone quiet over there".............I

wish to make it absolutely clear, I support the men and women who comprise the 1 BW BG.............ultimately I support the intent. However what I do find slightly unpleasant (rather like that all too familiar smell from the bottom of your shoe) is the inept, incompetent way in which the whole affair has been presented and handled.

As for TCH............I bet he feckin choke's each time he says the word duty or for that matter:


Edited to add

If it is only of politics and to help GW get re-elected it is not being made good use of in that respect.
That line of thought is easy to see come about in light of the election, but is more of the media and "CNN" than anything else.
Having had the Irag elections, and a new 'elected' Government there now would be better politics.

I've read the deployment of the BW will be for "30 days" after which the plan is they will be relieved by other troops.
Who knows how long the whole op will be though?

This situation has developed poorly though, and all the exposure in the media regarding troop movement isn't particularly good.

BW being under threat of disbandment or amalgamation doesn't help the situation much either.
The bit that iritates me about the deployment, is the way that it has been handled in the press. By that i mean the fact that this move has been telegraphed to a huge extent to anyone who follows the UK press. I'm also annoyed by the constant impression that the media gives out that the south of Iraq is one big happy play ground (maybe it is for the militias)

I'm also intrigued on how the logistic chain is going to work and what the handover process will be to the next unit in.

I also find it laughable that whilst the MoD want to cut the numbers of infantry regiments and get rid of heavy armoured formations they are having to rely on them to assist the US in the conduct of their operations and back fill to keep the UK numbers at a staus quo where they can fulfill their current taskings.

I hope that this deployment clearly shows the muppets in the MoD and the treasury that the planned cuts are both unpopular and unwise given the unknowns that the Army faces in the immediate, median and distant future and that no amount of dross spouted about FRES and other wonderous bits of future technology can or will the capability gap. However, i doubt that it will have any affect...

As to the Jocks, they are raring to go - they want to be able to get on and do the job and get home as soon as is possible, and woe betide any idiot that gets in the way - Nemo me Impune Lacessit
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