what is the postcode for the priory officers mess,chicksands

To post a letter bomb???
Mike_2817 said:
Don't need a postcode for a letter bomb! More likely to input into a GPS device like TomTom or Garmin to navigate to the place.
You're trying to be sensible aren't you??


Book Reviewer
A very apt name for the mess though!
and while you're at it..can I have a 6 fig GR so i can find it in the dark after leaving the sportsmans
ahh.. you've heard about some of my conquests!!!!

spin said:
if anyone can tell me that would be great
No, don't give him a hard time!
Maybe they have finally bought a new telly for the duty bunk in The Priory, and he's the guy who has to deliver and install it....
But don't hold your breath.

Col (Retd) Gussit-Snipher

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