what is the point..

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by spike7451, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    To me ,the mess is a place which we,as W.O/Sgts,.Ect have earnt a place where we can relax & have a 'club' with no noisy music (apart from functions) ect, our families as well enjoy the 'privileges'that go with the rank we hold & we can enjoy a sense of decorum & tradition which harks back to the old days.If we all used the same messing,then the rank structure would'nt be as strong & us SNCO's would,nt get the respect that the rank,not so much the man,deserves.Besides,dining out night's are a bloody good p*** up!!!lol
  2. what is your point?

    i dont quite really understand what your trying to get at!!!
  3. Judging by your spelling, punctuation and grammar I'm surprised you made it to the mess.
  4. Bozzie - just check how to spell 'grammer' will you?
  5. Having read a recent edition of Soldier magazine I have to question what Army some of us are in. The Sergeants' Mess is the most exclusive club in the world {irrespective of it having been founded on the same basis of the Officers Mess - Sergeants stripes sold because Seaforth had run out of commissions}. How can some Royal Signals SCROTE who has been honoured by being promoted to this esteemed position have the audacity to question our values, standards and traditions. In my humble opinion he should be whipped to within an inch of his life, then reduced in rank. His RSM should be ashamed of himself that this man thinks he has the right to question. My advise to you his RSM is let this go unchallenged and the 'Mess is gone forever.
  6. That's the Scaleys for you. Mind you, it makes a refreshing change. Any Mess who has the misfortune to have more than 6 of them on the books, will generally find them plotting a take over or trying to spend the entire entretainments fund by organising 'Scaleys Only' functions (which generally involves the laying on of busses at the Mess's expense to cart their mates in from neighbouring Scaley Units).

    They were c*nts for it at 39 Bde and at 3 Bde.

    Their Juniors are nothing but gobsh*tes and there Seniors are a right bunch of Walters.

    A more anally retentive Corps I have yet to meet.
  7. Gents,

    Some of the younger members of our Mess once enquired as to why I never use the back door.
    I replied
    "Because I spent 16 years earning the right to use the front door"

    If you dont like the way a WO's & Sgts Mess is run, hand your stripes in and sign off.
  8. Or join the Committee and make the changes.

    Too many people who whinge about the Mess, but don't bother to get involved and organise events etc.
  9. Christ on a bike!! Sit on the fence then Biscuits.
  10. once again biscuits leaves everyone in doubt as to where he stands on an issue ;)
  11. hate to see him when he really does take umbridge with something. as for the mess takes some people years to get there and when they do they moan. not to bad in regimental life, hate to be in bde or corp mess. must be a full on battle ground.
  12. Nice statement Biscuits (made me larf) but as the RSM of each Bde was Signals how can Signals attempt to take over the mess?

    Over to you mate
  13. Your right, Im one of them!! Its full of back stabbing b*stards and the seniors have only one agenda, their own!!
  14. you never get anyone come on here and talk about how nice and loyal their own particular capbadge is, do you? :)

    I for one always found the engineers excellent to work and live with, for instance. No, I'm not one of them.

    Just a thought!