What is the Point of the Sgts Mess?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by whogivesatoss, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Just some quick questions to one and all....

    What is the point of the Sgt's Mess?...

    What does it achieve?

    What does it do?

    How does it help us to do our Job?

    Why does it cost so much?

    What is the point of it??

    In the modern day of Pay as you Dine, it is a contributing factor of why the food is so bad....

    so what is the point anyone?
  2. If you need to ask, there is no need to tell.

    PS Are you a senior? Because asking 'whats the point' makes me doubt you are.

    PPS. Having just looked through your posts, you appear to be a BAT. That may explain it. If you dont like being in one of the most exclusive 'clubs' in the world, suggest you revert back to full screw.
  3. These "what's the point" type threads are becoming a little tedious now. What's the point of you being in the fcuking Army if all you do is question what it's about?

    Why don't you feck off to civvie street you idiot!
  4. Ah the Mess, Juniors are inspired to great hights and Occiffers can see how to do it correctly.
  5. Do what correctly Jon?
  6. Spell perhaps? Clearly you're not an Officer then are you? ;)
  7. Dodgy ground poindexter. Remember where you are. :wink:

    Ink dry on your Mod 90 yet?
  8. and as said another pointless question and replies from most. the mess is the mess, if you do not want to partake do not accept promotion. and for officers and juniors you only get in when invited, grammar and spelling is not a requirement, but being an officer, i hope you can lead men, rather than spending time picking up spelling mistakes.
  9. I just gained promotion to Sgt, and the one place I want to be is in the Sgt's mess its what I have aimed for for the past twelve years, like you said its the most exclusive club in the world. But I must admit I am dreading my first visit, the unknown I guess.
  10. Point to note is that the Sergeant Mess was a spin off of the Officers Messes which existed first, secondly dont be suckered in by that the most exclusive club in the world dribble, approximetly 35000 people are members of a Sgts Mess....hardly exclusive!!
    Its a great facility and a proud establishment but I doubt you show the Officers how to do it they are more than happy in thier respective mess where Mrs wife of generally wont spew diamond white and black down herself whilst heckling during the speeches.
  11. There is a very strong vibes that REME will be the first Corps to do away with the Sgts Mess under the recent "Lean and Rebalancing" policy.

    Any futher news out there from any REME bods ?
  12. Re My LAST


  13. As a retired Officer I have to say that any young Grad could join our mess. However as a SNCO promotion to the mess was on merit and quite exclusive. I always counselled the advice of my SNCOs and realised that they were @ the coalface and gave them the respect they deserved. I learnt an awful lot from them. British SNCOs are the best and the backbone of our Army.
  14. Exclusiveness is not judged solely on size, exclusive as in all members are or have been SNCO/WO and worked long and hard to be privileged members.

    Officers Mess membership includes, Officers (obviously), teachers, doctors, WRVS, UKBC (in Germany) and uncle Tom Cobbly and all, "hardly exclusive" (regardless of size of membership)

    With regard to “what’s the point”, as stated, if you can’t see the point, perhaps you’re not ready for the rank or (probably the thing that drives you) the pay.

    Being a soldier is not 0800 – 1700 and don’t bother me at home, it’s a way of life, you are the custodian of young men/women’s lives and you have a full time responsibility. The mess is a place where you can relax, socialise, gain advice, and do business. It is an integral part to the above way of life.

    There I go again on another old fashioned rant, and relax.
  15. Oh and another thing (rant obviously not quite over) an ex SNCO/WO can go on to be a member of the Officers mess (LE, civil post), I do not believe an Officer can become a member of a Sgts mess, Which is the more exclusive?