What is the point of the red arrows ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fangy1, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. nice to see them but proves the MOD still has dosh to burn...
  2. Very poor.

    Must try harder.
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  3. They don't go with blue targets.
  4. It's the sharp bit at the front, the opposite end to the hot burny bit.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I'm guessing here but, the one at the front?

    I met them at Foye last year - whilst it's galling to recall the general fawning over Crabs, particularly from my own family who should have known better, there was no doubting the value they generated. They may be overly fond of man-made fibres and called Kevin but they're worth every penny (and they completely outflew that French rabble who insisted on buzzing my hotel in Doha back in 2011).
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  6. Advert, publicity, motivation, showing off to potential adversaries.

    Choose whichever, or add your own
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  7. The Red Arrows should be entirely funded by British Aerospace, Brylcream and EasyJet. They have no place in the defence budget.

    I'd much rather the BBMF put a Mosquito back together
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  8. Oh FFS, look chaps... there's a new "The Argies are coming to take the Falklands" thread over on CA.

    Don't miss it!

    And, when you're finished there, one of you should start a "bring back National Service" thread. We really need one of those.
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  9. From a similar perspective, what is the point of London District and its associated marching up and down units?
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  10. I would like to point out that the entire defence budget is a waste of cash, if we get invaded the Americans will help us out.
  11. You're sounding all bitter and twisted there BB. Has your erectile dysfunction become untreatable?
  12. Erm... an excuse to keep a garrison of trained soldiers in the actual capital without them seeming overtly warry?
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  13. Only when he's around women. When he's in the company of men, no problems at all.
    It has doctors scratching their heads.
  14. I have a low boredom threshold.
  15. If the UK was invaded, the bad guys would take one look at places like Chavasham, Chavam, Ramsgate, Maidstone and Shitstable, and that's before BB tells them how grateful he is for getting rid of Kent Police, turn round and go home.

    No military action needed at all.
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