What is the point of the RAF Regiment ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fangy1, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. I may be missing something....do they do something I dont know about ? I've got them down for digging ditches, sangar duty, patrols inside the wire and sweeping up gash, like Pioneers in light blue - did I miss anything ? Can't be all that bad, just heard the Rock Apes now have a 2* commanding Brunssum - I bet the aircrew types just love bracing up to him !
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    Oh God.....
  3. What. Is an interrogative, requiring a question mark. An exclamation MARK may be added for effect but alone is not correct. FELLA!

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  4. Spare us please. Spend a few moments of your precious time familiarising yourself with the search function on this site: there is fucking pages of it (how crap the Short Range Patrol Group and Crabs in general are).
  5. You've just answered you're own question!

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  6. *your!

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  7. You are talking about the RAF and, being aircrew, RAF hossifers to boot so I doubt if they know anything about bracing up.
  8. Definition of an officer.

    Army. Gentlemen trying to be officers.

    R. Navy. Officers trying to be gentlemen.

    RAF. Men trying to be officers and gentlemen, but succeeding in neither.
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    The point of the RAF Regt is to provide this site with numerous opportunities to start threads asking "What is the point of the RAF Regt?" and to allow members of this site to ridicule the 100 year experiment every time that MOD RSS mentions the SRDG.

    I should have thought that that was obvious.
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  10. Dear fangy1

    Please fuck off