What is the point of the infantry?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_E_Rash, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Came across this site while googling for some information that has been bothering me for a while, I've put it in this forum as I'm guessing that the infantry ones are only accessible by members of the inf.

    What's been bugging me is, what in this day and age is the point of the MoD spending millions maintaining a line infantry force?
    Gone are the days when the infanteers would march to the enemy in ranks and win the day. These days they are merely there to provide cover for the real work that goes on behind the scenes with the artillery, air corps and heavy armour.
    Every soldier nowadays is trained to be a soldier first and trade second so why do we have thousands of people in uniform who are only soldiers without a real trade or skills beyond those already learnt by drivers, chefs, clerks, suppliers and the like.
    The money would be better spent disbanding every infantry battalion and investing heavily in the so called REMFs, every soldier with a trade and the Army would be better for it.
    I know this would cause problems with recruitment as the infantry has for a long time been the last resort for applicants who haven't shown the required skills to be able to join a corps. But while this may reduce numbers of new soldiers it will increase the average intellect of the army as a whole.
    I hope to have not caused any offense to any infantry here, you may have wanted and tried to join a corps but not been able to but this is a modern era of warfare and the need for a large group of men whos only ability is to point and fire a rifle is obsolete when other soldiers can do the same thing and more.
    Maybe this is the way the Army is heading but for me it doesn't seem to be moving fast enough.

    Thank you
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  4. Still need the trenches cleared by man.
  5. Only the Infantry can take and hold ground the rest of the Army are there to support them.
  6. Becausee not all wars are won by Heavy amor or Missiles, sometimes it is needed to maintain an Infrastrucutre of a Nation , and this is something Infantry are needed for.

    Except the Chefs, drivers, Signallers and Clerks are trained in the "Basics" of soldiering , the infantry gets a LOT more training in all aspects of the job, you cant honestly belive the Clerks and chefs have the same standard of Marksmanship/grapse of tactics/fitness as a soldier who's sole job is to be the ground unit.

    In the modern day the Infantry still play a huge roll, to say anything else is bull.
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  9. I agree that there may be a role for a force that have a little more training in the finer points of combat That's why we have the Pioneers, an infantry based force contained within a corps hierarchy. Much the same as the RAF Regt which is what the inf has basically become
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