What is the point in promotion?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Silkysapper, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. 31st July 2009 I was selected for promotion from LCpl to Cpl. Nearly a year later I am still not wearing!

    Needless to say I am getting pretty p*ssed off with all this. My units response has been Glasgow wont give you a PID but surely if there are PID's availiable and no-one is posted into them then its not a drama to put me in one of them?

    I have complted the relevant courses and am qualified etc.

    As a result I have missed out on a lot of pay and the experience of being a Section Commander!

    To make matters worse there are 3 of us in the same Squadron in the same situation.

    Does anybody know of the regulations or guidelines regarding this as I think this is ridiculous!

    What is the point in selecting soldiers for promotion, making a big deal out of it by opening the mess and getting everyone lashed, praising them and giving pats on the back etc and then saying but you cant wear it yet?
  2. I may be wrong but if you have been pre-selected for promotion then your pay will be back-dated. From Cpl to Sgt I had to wait a year until the posting I was going to became available. If there is no PID for your rank in your unit then there is no PID. I can't see why you can't be wearing it as a local rank but quit whining about it and focus on the fact that unlike others of the same rank in your unit, you WILL be promoted when they can. You can always turn down the promotion if you think the whole thing is pointless.
  3. You're in the danger area here mate and I would suggest that you keep your nose clean instead of 'voicing your opinion'. You've been pre-selected and whilst that doesn't mean automatic promotion, it is recognition of your worth. Don't create unnecessary and unwanted situations which will jeopardise your current prospects. If you haven't picked up on the next board, simply ask for an OC's interview and let him explain why not. I have met a few people who had to wait until just before the next board to get it. It's not the answer you want, but keep calm, it'll happen. Congratulations by the way.
  4. Biscuits speaks wisely. It is worth remembering that even after being promoted and wearing the rank, it is very easy to take that promotion away too. Just bite the bullet and wait it out.
  5. Its called a promotion year
  6. I was notified that I had 'come off the stripey's board' and had been selected for promotion 'in the next promotion year'. I didn't actually wear the rank until I started my new posting some 9 months later because that is the slot I had been allocated to fill. A mate who came off the same board was wearing within 4 weeks because that is when the vacancy for which he had been identified came free. Also to answer Boogieman, unless things have changed in the last 3 years since I left, pay is not backdated; I started getting paid when I started wearing the rank. This was the same with seniority.
  7. I understand and respect 100% what you are all saying but there are 5 PIDS for fullscrew in my troop, of which 2 are taken so there is a place for me.
    My 2IC has contacted Glasgow and its Glasgow that refuse to give me one of them.
    My rant is not about my unit they have been great and in my belief genuinely tried. Its more about Glasgow and how unfair it can be when out of 7 from my sqn that got selected on the last board 3 of us are still not promoted are all qualified but have no idea when we get to wear it!
    As for the pay side of things I have been told by my clerks that I wont get backpay from my date of selection!
    It just feels a bit double!
    Still what can you do? I just have to be patient and wait!
  8. Can someone tell me what a PID is please?

    Is it the same as what I know as an LSN (Line Serial Number)?
  9. PID is Position ID and is the number JPA uses to identfy each post. LSNs are not used on our establishment table any more
  10. Well someone is seeing you off,are you the duty dripper
  11. Although the LCpl to Cpl results are released in July, the promotion year runs from 1 Oct 09 to 30 Sep 10, so you will be promoted within te promotion year. You will be paid once you are fully qualified and in a Cpl's post.
  12. Your clerk (Combat HR Admin) is correct, you will only get the cash when you are either promoted acting or substantive - even worse news !!
  13. Thank you...I left just as JPA was getting into its stride and had nothing to do with it :)

  14. Are you at Waterbeach?

  15. I was, 80-84 and I didn't get promoted there at all.:-D