What is the penalty for failure to display RFL (Tax disc)?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by postman_twit, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Bit of clarification required please.

    What is the penalty for failure to display a current RFL?

    It was a commercial vehicle. Tax disc expired at midnight on Bank Holiday monday, replacement disc sat on the Transport Manager's desk!!!

    Is it £60/£80 and 3 points or just the fine?


  2. Failure to display is just a fine, and a rediculous one at that, they know full well if a vehicle is taxed or not.
  3. They tried to do me for displaying a tax disc upside down, and then did me forty quid for not chasing up a letter they had failed to send me when I sold a car, you can't win with the DVLA
  4. Just a question how did the DVLA know it was upside down?
  5. The bitch nextdoor Wrote to them, she does not like the fact that I own a rather nice camper van
  6. Really, just went to the rules says clearly visible in the front left of the windshield/screen, upside down no worries.
  7. Phew I thought it was a new gobment system of spy in the sky

    I believe the fine is £60
  8. They stated it must be correctly displayed, ie upright,in the letter I got
  9. I can’t find any reference to this in the Magistrates’ court guidelines,

    However, I would expect that if it came to court, that it would be a level 3 fine with a starting point of band A , and without any points.

    This means in English, a maximum of £1,000 fine, however it would come with a starting point of 50% of your (the drivers’) weekly income, and of course without any points.

    It would be the driver who commits the offence, as he should have checked that the tax disc was current - don't blame me, I don't make the rules. If it came to court I would attempt to argue that it was not an attempt to defraud, but only a clerical oversight. Without knowing any background or details, it would not surprise me if the mags would throw it out and start to ask some questions of the prosecutor.
  10. If you look up the "DVLA con" thread I posted a few weeks ago I posted the letters I had from the DVLA and they don't make sense, but my attempts to get in touch with their office in Bournmouth were a waste of money and time and on checking with others in the same situation on the web, I paid up as it was the cheapest option
  11. I was under the impression that, under the new rules introduced last year, and providing the license had been purchased, a period of grace of 5 days was permitted. This allows the postal system to deliver tax discs that are ordered on-line.

  12. I know that your talking about a car/lorry but failure to display the tax disc on the correct side of a motorbike is a fineable offence too.

    I keep my bike tax in my pocket because of disc theft of which I have had first hand experience, I just hope I don't get pinged.

    Seems like a daft law anyway seeing as they can check instantly using tinternet if you have paid your road tax or not, just another way to squeeze more money out of the motorists.
  13. Most of these new rules/cons are only so Gorden can get some extra cash in to make up the vast amount he has P**** away, the law abiding motorist is easy pray
  14. There are two seperate offences: Failing to display and tax disc and failing to have a valid tax disc. DVLA and the police have a policy (not actual legislation) of giving two weeks grace for situations like this to get sorted.
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. The client did say they would pay the fine if I was pulled but obviously points would be a totally different matter.