What is the origin of the appointment QMSI?

Hi I read somewhere a while ago it was for Warrant Officers who had specialist roles in either instruction or G4 that didn't command troops hence not CSM. Can anyone shed any further light on this please? Ta.
I can’t answer the question as to the origin, but I have a related question for RE types. A couple years ago I was having a few beers with a serving RE QMSI. He referred to being promoted to Q after an SSM posting.

Is that how the rank/appointment is generally regarded in the RE, a promotion? Is it possible to be appointed QMSI on promotion to WO2 from Staffy? Can SSMs get promoted to WO1 without going through QMSI appointment?

No criticism at all, I am genuinely interested. I would have thought us Scalies would do whatever the RE does/did, but you can go SSgt > WO2 (SSM) > WO1 (RSM) as a Scaley. Some go WO2(SSM) > WO2(RQMS) > WO1 (RSM), but it is not necessary to be an RQ before picking up the Badge.

Clk Wks, F/YofS, REME Tiffies etc will be different, but I was surprised that my drinking buddy said he was promoted to Q, not just another posting as a WO2, with a wreath round his crown.
As sappers, normally in days gone by (I've been out 5 years) you'd be promoted to QMSI in trade from Staffy for 2 years, then look for selection on the SSM board. Both SSM and QMSI are WO2 appointments. If you're really bored QRs used to detail order of precedence for appointments in the same rank. If you didn't make SSM you wouldn't get a look in at RSM, but could do a second tour as QMSI and still end up a WO1 SMI.
Back in the day, pre 1915, there was one Warrant Officer rank and everyone was ranked as Staff Serjeant (yes, it’s with a j) or below.

Your WO appointments would be “The Serjeant Major” (RSM) certain Corps appointments such as Conductor, Barrack clerks and other random stuff. SSjts took appointments as Quartermaster Serjeants, Regimental Quartermaster Serjeants, Company Serjeant Majors, Colour Serjeants etc. Your QMSI appointment would come from one of these senior Staffys being the font of all knowledge for that particular trade/skill and be appointed Instructor.
Your ranks badges at the time - Conductor - Crown in wreath, Sjt Maj - Crown, RQMS - 4 inverted chevrons on the lower arm with 8 pointed star above, QMS - 4 inverted chevrons on the lower arm, CSM - 3 chevrons with large crown above on the upper arm. CSgt 3 chevrons with regimental pattern colour badge above. Instructors wore the relevant trade badge on the upper right arm. Qualification badges such on the left lower arm.

Post 1915 it roughly alls into what we have nowadays. There was also a WO class 3 for a limited time.

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