What is the ORBAT / Establishment of an armoured (tank regiment)?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Vladimir_Ilyich_Crab, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. After a spot of help for my wider GSK. What is the breakdown of a tank regt, ie CR2?

    I believe it is HQ Sqn, A-D Sqn - is there a support Sqn of some sort? I also understand each Sqn breaks down into 1-3 Trp with 3 tanks each trp.

    Does the REME, Med wagons, etc all count,and where does it come under? Is there an organic recce tp/sqn?

    The reason for this line of questioning is an old sweat was telling a tale of his Cav regt sealing NBC in GW1. Apparently, due to various abuses of NBC filters, including sand, lack or repair/spares, and outright removal as it made space for beer when on the boche plains facing down Ivan, only a single 432 ambulance was fully NBC functioning.

    He then went on to say this was 1 of 54 vehicles - so I am trying to picture what the obligatory wire diagram would look like if laid out in ppt.

  2. I'd be pretty surprised if any 432 had ever been properly NBC sealed, last one I was in I could see daylight through the mortar hatches! Also, things may have changed, but I have never heard of NBC filters being swapped out for beer (that could be the because drinking on operations/exercise has rightly pretty much died a death).

    In terms of ORBAT, available on sources such as Wikipedia, but in summary:

    3x Armd Sqns, each of 14 tanks normally arranged in 4x Tps of 3 plus 2 in SHQ, also a REME Fitter Sect and an echelon slice.

    1x Medium Armour Sqn, exactly the same as an Armd Sqn except with SCIMITAR instead of CR2. These are being deleted over the next few years.

    HQ Sqn, includes Comd Tp (BGHQ), Recce Tp and the CSS apparatus (the echelons).

    The Sabre Sqns (Armd and MA) are about 85 strong and HQ Sqn is probably a couple of hundred (as it includes everyone from the CO and Recce Tp to the chefs and the LAD).
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  3. Which Regt was that then?

  4. BC - Many thanks, just what I was after.
  5. The ORBAT is back behind the Royal Regiment of Artillery - "Everywhere where right and glory lead'
  6. Not quite right, if it was an MBT Regt then it would have been a Type 57 Regt, meaning 57 tanks. Four Sqns of 14 tanks plus one for the CO.

    VIC - your mate may have got his numbers wrong, or they may have deployed with less MBT. As for the filters not being fitted, I'll call bollocks on that. Especially seeing as we were expecting chemical weapons to be used. In the Sqn I deployed with, all our A vehicles had to be able to achieve overpressure, including the 432's. All NBC filters were changed as a start point for the test. I doubt this was just for our Sqn, or even just for our Regt.
  7. Of course it is. Now go and make the tea, there's a good chap.

  8. Happy to make the tea, just so long as you remember the RA always takes order of precedence at right of the line. That is all !
  9. Engee iirc it was 17/21. Having re-read I realise I implied no filters, which isn't what I meant - I'm pretty sure he said that on various Germany/BATUS style exercises they were taken out to stick in 'comfort' kit and as such when fixed in a hurry on deploying to theatre this was the end result. Quite happy that it could be Squaddy exageration.

    As to numbers I have since found an old copy of the 'British Army Pocket Guide' 1995/1996 which refers to 'Type 50' Regts of Chally 1 - it mentions that Chally 2 would be 38 vehicles.

    The wikipedia (yes I know) mentions Type 58 Regts now, formed from the figure of 3 x 14 + 2 (38 ) when 1 RTR went JCBRNR - giving an extra Sabre Sqn, for 4 x 14 + 2 (RHQ tanks) = 58.

    So there or there abouts on numbers. Out of interest could you confirm Sqns identified by letters and trps numbers?
  10. As a rule of thumb yeah. Obviously the letter/number thing is meaningless when using BATCO. Also, some Regts have names for their Sqns.

    As for the NBC pack being used for beer etc. Have heard about this a few times, but never seen it.
  11. Milk and one please.

    You might want to look that order of precedence thing up. HCAV, RHA, RAC, RA. So RA are fourth.
  12. Ah yes regimental seniority, this is proscribed in the Army List (a copy of which I sadly do not have to hand). My recollection though is that the RHA take right of the line when they parade with their guns. I thought I recalled that the rest of the RA fell in seniority order somewhere behind the RAC, but am more than happy to be proved wrong by somebody who does actually have a copy of the Army List.

    Hermes, poor attempt at a dig. Why don't you sod off and have a go at the SAS (or indeed any infantry regiment) because they are regimentally junior to the RA? I suspect you won't find anyone who actually cares. Perhaps you are just bitter that you're not in a combat arm?
  13. Why bother removing the NBC pack,and where would you put it when removed,I can´t imagine the troop store being filled with them when the CO comes around for quick shufty?
    Having two piece ammo there was plenty of empty space in the bag charge containers to stow beer on exercise,our Regt had mostly M40 rear turret bins as extra storage so even crates of Carlsberg were no problem.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    On the North German Plain I found the NBC pack a must-have in the West German summer. I would go to NBC Red regardless of anybody else, attach a Clansman NBC adaptor (I'd been radio storeman while in Command Troop and only I prioritised issue of the only three NBC mike adaptors I ever saw) and the rush of cool air more than compensated for having to wear the respirator. As recce we spent our life in Noddy kit anyway.

    Yes we did keep the filters tip-top (as best we could given the shortage of anything at all in the 70s and 80s). No we didn't use the aircon longer than was absolutely necessary.

    TBF in Scorpions there was plenty of space for crates in the empty cases bin at the bottom of the turret.

    No need to (never even thought of) remove NBC pack to stow beer.
  15. A somewhat related question:
    UK-units are using 3-tank platoons.(?) There would another tank for the company CO. Do companies have an XO? Does he have a tank?