What is the one craziest thing your boss has made you do?

I was just reading another thread when it reminded me of my time at the RTR LAD when the ASM had a "great"? idea. We spent hours labelling up our expense shelves putting on NSN's and even prices of each item. The theory was that if we knew how much a screw cost we would think twice about the waste. Needless to say he aint got an MBE for that one.

Bloody hours we spent on that instead of fixing stuff. Incredible!!!!
go through the shredded waste to see if we could piece back his letter.

wide eyed look of amazement.

"well go on then!"

laugh, i nearly hit him with an axe
Weeding between crazy paving and cobbles for a whole day every few weeks. With fcuking screwdrivers. Infact I believe they still do it at a certain AD unit in BFG. They wonder why the high rate of people signing off. Beats me.


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On exercise in October a couple of years ago. I was with the RHQ compex which was sey up in a Farmers yard, surrounded by Horse Chestnut trees. Not much to do apart from marking the maps, typing up orders and making the coffee and Egg Banjos until the CO came up to me and one of the Signaller.

"Cpl Legs, can you and Spr ***** collect some conkers for my children"

So we did. A black sack filled to the brim with them. He wants to take the pi$$, so we did too.
drill at every unit i've been: for the most part a complete waste of time! at one unit we took two weeks to practice for a parade that lasted an hour. needless to say we went on to extended hours to catch up on lost production.
1. Painting the grass green on a whole f'kin football field because the queen was coming and it wasn't green enough!!!!

2. 10+ SNCO's and WO's sweeping the camp while the Regt were on Ex because the Brig was visiting another unit on the same camp as ours, while the German civvies who were being paid to do it were stood watching us and laughing because the QM didn't have the balls to complain to the Civ Labour office. Oh BTW it snowed the day of the visit so you couldn't see any of the areas cleared up!!!

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