What is the nurture?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by justiceh2o, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi this is my first post here i have done a search and cant find anything about this subject.

    I have recently started my application to join the RLC as a logistics specialist (supply) i have done my BARB assessment and have my basic skills assessment booked for the 15th of this month but when on the phone to my local ACIO today the woman booked me in for a nurture.

    Does anybody know what this is?
  2. Every office seems to call it something different but to me that would mean that you are being booked on either a pre-selection assessment or an insight course to see what you perform like :)
  3. well i was speaking to a guy i work with who was in the navy and he thinks its a meeting with someone pretty high up the ranks but he isnt sure.

    I was also told on the phone that i would have to go down the office and sign some release forms before i go.
  4. It means she wants you to go down there and suck her tits.
  5. whoah glad i dont have to do one of these then my recruiters a nice enough fella but thats not for me ................... :wink:
  6. Its pre-selection, same thing happened to me...... but i just asked them.
  7. how much longer in the application do i have to go then and what stage are you at?
  8. Every office seems to handle recruitment differently. I have to do this nurture, although again it's called something different basically just to test how big a numpty you really are ;). I'm going on wednesday and have been informed will include the following:
    -1.5 mile run
    -lunch :)
    -command tasks / ice breaker

    recruitement has took me a while so far. I passed the B.A.R.B test, numeracy and literacy, medical clearance and first interview. Once I have finished this on wednesday I have my final interview then date for selection. I have been told to expect selection in August, however, for my trade I have a weeks course with them to see if I meet the grade.
    Hope this helps and everything goes well for you :)
  9. thank you for this i have been training a bit more than i usually do since starting my application but need to do a little bit more for the heaves so far i can do 10.

    im going for a logistics supply specialist and the next intake date is the 20th July hope i can get everything sorted by then.
  10. is the nurture just another name for the ADSC?
  11. I could only do 9 when I got in in 1984 if that is any consolation.
  12. That's selection mate, this is PRE-selection. It involves some of the main activities you will be doing at ADSC to see if your ready or not.
  13. i would say im ready how long did it take for your med forms to come back from the docs?