What is the National Police Improvement Agency for?


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Having had numerous dealings with their IT "Help Desk" I can only say that i have come to the conclusion that NPIA stands for No Point In Asking. They are just another costly bureaucratic white elephant choking the life out of common sense Policing.
A link may have been useful so see below …

Quote from their website ….

The NPIA is a non-departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored and funded by the Home Office. It is police-owned and police-led; with representation on the National Policing Board and an executive leadership drawn from the police service..

Looks like some form of QUANGO . I too now wonder what the salary bill and overall running costs are ?

I have never heard of the organisation and I doubt if they will ever be hitting national headlines with any of their achievements even though they seem to have some fairly senior personnel on their board .
They have been talking to us about our lightweight dyneema body armour that we have supplied to the FCO, HMRC & DFID.

They do a hell of lot of talking thou!!!

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