What is the most mischievous thing youve done on camp on ex

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Woody32, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. This must have been done millions of times before, however I feel it's time for some anacdotes.
    What is the most mischievous thing you've done on camp on exercise or in training? I'd love to be able to begin this thread with stories of how me and my battles buddies jizzed in the CO's sleeping bag while meant to be on stag, but unfortunatly I don't have any stries. I just hope you all do!!....
  2. I remember being on exercise on Otterburn one dank Autumn when the latest wheeze was putting somnolent,almost hibernating adders in other peoples sleeping bags.

    Check very carefully before you get in.............
  3. When I was ca postie we used to get damaged parcels in and stuff so we'd have to fill out damage forms and put them in clear bags one day one came in with a size 16 pvc dress and spanish fly in it so we bagged it shook it about so all the goods could be seen and got my mate the UPO of the unit it was going for get the lad to sign for it in front of everyone. Also heard lads playing football with boxes marked fragile(allegadly) did also try to wire a car battery charger to a lads bed before (didn't work though)
  4. He said mischevious, not fcukin stupid.

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  6. Thankyou moderator person
    Thankyou moderator person
  7. Daft thing, really, but funny at the time. I guess you had to be there.

    Op Telic 3, Shaibah, January 2004. Stole to CO's wardrobe from outside his tent whilst he was waiting to move into Corrimec, filled it with porno centrefolds, stencilled 'Operational Thrapping Cabinet, Mk 1' on the doors, complete with NSN, and left it on the parade square.

    Oh well....
  8. I report this,I did not do it,I am sh1t scared of snakes.Thank you Bravo Bravo :twisted:
  9. once poured a large bottle of the worst aftershave imaginable over the parcel shelf of a RM 4 tonner during a heat wave, they shouldn't have left unlocked. bet they had a fun drive home.
  10. TA Recce Mech excersise on Detmold training area.

    Imagine really hot week in summer ........

    Recce Mechs kept leaving their webbing unattended, so after getting some tins of pilchards in tomato sauce (we had been fed on them for 7 days solid in some guise or other by the ACC) I carefully went round filling the gas masks of the offenders with the stuff.

    After a few hours as part of their trade test ......... GAS GAS GAS .... followed by sounds of retching into a already gowfing gas mask :)

  11. Back in the days when Saltau was everyone's playground...

    RSO parked up his Ferret on one of his many 'recces' around the area and disappeared off for his daily shower in the cess pit that was Reinsehlen Camp...unfortunately his driver had parked the thing up next to a field full of spuds. Guess what the cab was full of when he returned to his trusty chariot and threw open the hatch?
  12. On exercise summer sales early 90s sh@gged a WRAC in the back of the OCs Landrover whilst everyone else was setting up camp
  13. One of the blokes in my unit thought it would be really funny to p*ss in my helmet whilst I slept. Oh how I laughed on the next road move when he discovered I had placed a compo richard the third on a piece of card inside his heater duct.
  14. Had a pal who used to remove batteries from ghetto blaster and lay a log in compartment. When said victim investigated why said item was defective, plucked open rear hatch to find big jobbie!! Also took young sprogs backs of their tv sets and placed log inside, so when telly warmed up it stank. His name was Rico Ryan if you know him, tell him he is a cnut.
  15. Thetford 1988-ish, and last vehicle reporting with ammo etc.

    No sign of our unit at the agreed gridref, but another unit was right there. Walked into their CP and spoke with some upert who asked how we'd got in there - "no sentries seen sir". He insisted (wrongly) that he was in quite another location, so we left without identifying ourselves.

    As we saw no sentries during our departure we went back and swapped the ignition keys between 4 LRs, set them all to neutral gear-box, and the petrol switches to between the tanks. Bet they had fun in the morning, and sentries were a bit brighter afterwards.

    Best plan now was to find a dark corner, light cam and doze. Early morning found a nice bit of hard-standing and taught new boy to drive & first parade etc knowing that someone would be sent to search us out on entry route - et voila, the Sergeant Major put in an appearance.