What is the most inappropriate Christmas gift you could give?


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I had thought of getting the @The_Snail a one year's subscription to a John Lloyd fitness centre with a personal trainer thrown in, but first I have to figure out how to mount the hidden camera to immortalise the moment when said personal trainer tells our beloved Sluggy that she's got to take some exercise.

( I suspect the video might be X-rated....)

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Is that because I'm so fat? I get enough exercise changing the telly channel, thank you very much.

Gout Man

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The guys who got arrested for burning the Grenfell Tower effigy? I think the CPS will double down and charge them with a public order offence of some kind. Judging by what happend to Count Dankula (Mark Meecham) for teaching his girlfriends Pug dog to lift its right leg up every time he shouted 'Gas the Jews', the prosecution allegedly accused him in court of radicalising the dog. If nothing else the CPS do a good job of keeping people with a morbid sense of humour going.
Radicalising the dog? You have to laugh he wasn’t even a German Shepherd ffs!
A yarmulke.


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Is it me or do they have a strange aftertaste of soap, a bit like the ultimate sin vegan chocolates
I believe that you might have solved the riddle, they even look like little bars of soap. They probably started off as boxes of little gift soaps, they weren't selling and were rebranded as chocolates.
Anything nice, useful or thoughtful to Tony Blair.

How to sharpen a Butterknife Vol 2?

OP, My choices....

For the family Militant Vegan...

For the virtuous liberal with cvnt kids in the family...

For the militant Feminist in the family...

Ah, 'tis the season of Guylian chocolates.

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Was there ever anything invented that was quite as shit as Guylian chocolates?
Yes. Thorntons Chocolates. Really shit.

They have the distinction of being changed by idiot management from something decent to hugely overpriced, over sweet, poorly made and all with a depressingly low cocoa content.

How low has this "quality" brand sunk?

This low:


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