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What is the draw of being a PTI?

Says the guy with a Ferrari.


Talk to an owner about servicing costs and reliability (if you get a pig) some time.
Simple really, an enjoyable healthy lifestyle, make lots of mates, natty hairy blue trousers with a red S belt, and white daps as opposed to those ugly black ones the uninitiated Toms wear, and a full length mirror in ones bunk.
Or so I have heard.


In fairness, other than the ones in the training establishments, who were all utter cnuts, i had a good crack with some of the others. Being a keen rugbiest prolly helped and i defo came out ahead, with missed duties etc, due to flinging a bag of wind around and being on the good side of the man in the white vest.
A good mate of mine transferred to PTI to everyone’s surprise. He wasn‘t massively fit or into rugby, footie or cricket etc. He definitely did not fit the usual PTI mould.

We all assumed it was just a way of getting out of the Marine Engineering branch. To be fair PTI onboard is an absolute doss of a job. Print daily orders and hold circuits on the flight deck twice a day, organise the occasional footie match with local teams. I’d do it.

Anyway he was massively into outdoorsy type adventurous training. Canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking etc.

Last time I saw him he was running the RN’s AT place in Bavaria. Him and his missus living in a massive chalet up a mountain somewhere, taking people skiing in the winter and mountain biking, rock climbing etc. in the summer.

Lucky ******.

That’s the thing, we have PTIs by the bucket loads, but we have very few ATI’s. So the ones we get seem to stay over there indefinitely.

As for the army PTIs I must admit I’m confused how they work. You’re a PTI and a Clerk? Ok our guys do other roles on ship, such as driving it or managing the gash onboard, (The EWOs assistant and their writer do daily dit’s) they’re always a full time PTI.

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For the lady PTIs you get to flash your legs around all day, in the purple itty bitty mini, while the other girls are cutting about in full length trousers, or longer skirts. During my phase 2 training, there was a gorgeous WRAC PTI. Shame she always wore this minging shell suit. But on the swimming gala, and the athletics day, she had on the purple mini, with her gorgous legs out.
I never had PT with her, but she could have beasted me like a Foreign Legion deserter, and I would have smiled all the way through.

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