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Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by IronDuke99, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. I watched recent RAF propaganda about the 'Black Buck' raids in the Falklands War.

    Firstly to use the entire UK tanker fleet to get one bomb on the side of the runway, seems a little like using the whole of British Army logistic support to get one platoon to take on an enemy company and not do much damage, but surely, everyone with half a brain knows the Falkland's war was won by the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and British Army?
  2. RAF Reg installed some barriers for their usual evolutions in San Carlos. :winkrazz:
  3. I would hazard a guess that you know little about the use or terminology of propaganda.

    Op Black Buck was a success in many ways, despite only the one iron bomb actualy hitting the runway. (I thought you'd said you'd watched the film?)

    It was a morale booster, a massive statement to a somewhat indifferent International community, not a war winner, and it showed the Argy Bargy Junta that we were not fecking about.
  4. Maybe you weren't around at the time, but the visible appearance of a Black Buck 6 Vulcan at a Brazilian airbase caused a global media sensation. This had a dramatic political knock-on effect, with many countries taking UK much more seriously - and a substantial cooling off of support for Argentina.

    Bombing apart, it was astonishing proof-of-concept for extreme range refuelled operations of every sort. Not only did it spawn the later C130 air-bridge for UK, but it probably made every single major power in the world sit up and take note of the military implications.
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    1. The Royal Navy

    To be honest the one organisation that won the war was the RFA but that is for another thread.

    Unsure if this is RN matters, will leave it for a few days but if nothing decent then will lock it.
  6. I thought the whole idea of the raid was to stop the Argies getting access to the runway. If the runway had remained open then they could have landed more troops, supplies etc on the islands. Making the war harder for us to fight.