Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fangy1, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. I think I know why we went there

    a. to remove the Taliban from power & deny terrorism a base in Afghan

    b. introduce democracy with elected Govt & improve human rights

    c. destroy/restrict the narcotics trade to the West.

    ...and probably some others.

    What I don't know is what needs to be achieved so we can bring our soldiers home again ?

    Are we aiming to stay in Afghanistan until it has universal education, world class health service, high quality transport system, modern housing, respected Govt/judicial systems, fully functioning law & order, full employment etc etc ...well, we haven't managed this in some NATO countries yet ! :?

    what is the end state we are aiming for ?....
  2. It could be argued that we haven't got these at home yet.
  3. Good question Fangy, and I will add what will be the financial cost of a war without any end in sight.
    But Poor Tom will bleed and die.
  4. Total annihilation and world domination...

    Oops sorry wrong thread... :D
  5. fangy wrote:

    I think that should be the only element of the end-state.

    Politicos deciding that a) should be the only element of the desired end state.

  6. To eliminate the terrorist enemy and for the west to enstate a political leader who would allow us/uk forces to garrison troops and launch future attacks from afghanistan - possibly against Iran or china (seeing as Afghanistan has borders with these countries.) But hey thats just my opinion :wink:
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A country to mirror our own?

    A prime minister who goes to war against the wishes of the people be cause it feels right to him
    Halfway through he decides he's had enough and hands it over to an unelected work mate
    A goverment who never stop telling us how we should live whilst rolling round in the depths of depravity themselves - but no one is to mention that
    A place where rapists and murderers don't have to attend court because of the bad things being said about them
    A country where if you hurt someone trying to rob,or attack you, you will end up in jail and he will sue you for everything you've got
    A place where there is no incentive to get off your arrse and work
    Where you are as likely to get kicked to death by some teenagers because you where there
    If you do make it to hospital you might die because the place is like a third world country any hoo
    If your wounded fighting for your country you will be asked to take your uniform off incase you offend passing taliban supporters

    I'm depressing meself here I'm sure you get my drift :x
  8. Funny you should say that: (If your wounded fighting for your country you will be asked to take your uniform off incase you offend passing taliban supporters) Iwas clipped back in July last year and i was asked to remove my uniform as the hospital was getting complaints because i was smoking outside with my deserts on !!! Dont get me wrong i had no civvie shorts with me as i didnt plan on getting shot when i was on patrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make it a big glass bowl! Nuke the place and then we wont have to worry about it will we. Anyone who survives gets the world market of glass to sell instead of drugs!
  10. Desired end state in Afghanistan....

    ....Simple, Americastan! :D
  11. Did you ask who was complaining, and why it was offensive?

    It might have been funny to see them squirm as they try to come up with a good reason why it might be offensive.
  12. ie. Colonialism
  13. "Take off, and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure..."
  14. I didnt bother asking who had complained i just didnt take my uniform off full stop ! It was quite funny when i went for a smoke in the shelter outside and sat in between the locals though. I got a few funny looks and comments in a language i couldnt understand and proceeded to get the shelter all to myself. Funny that............
  15. you know, depressingly, I think you are spot on....and I am only now realising it....we are now signed up to someone else's grand plan - no wonder the Krauts are hesitant.

    I can understand policy in Iraq, but only because it should be able to pay the cost...Afghan is a basket case country that I don't think NATO will ever be able to conquer & turn around.

    Colonisation/strategic footprint/area influence - I thought we went in to do a job and get out - we are now part of the problem. This is a scary area with all kinds of failed & barking states around it - do we really intend that our grandchildren are trogging over the same ground in 50 years.

    If not, will there be a drip, drip, drip of casualties announced at PMQs until someone, eventually, be it Govt, press or public opinion regards it as not worth the cost'.

    Take the test - walk into your pub tonight and ask what we are there for, what we have to do to get out, how long we are likely to be there .

    At the risk of being accused of defeatist in saying we have taken on an unachievable objective then someone should let us know what the objective for ENDEX is....or am I wrong ?