Discussion in 'REME' started by norteenick, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Anyone?
  2. A place of learning that's been around for quite a while?
  3. not quite the answer you want but this phrase has been BANNED at our place due to age discrimination laws!!!!! :roll:

    All the roles with senior in the name are being redesignated!!!!!!

    I allways thought it meant "traditional or experienced" i.e. that kit is old school or skool as the chavs say.

    old, er no not old, err senior oh fu*k it losing the will to live, person of non relevant existance length with questionable parentage signing off.
  4. Probably somthing to do with music, culture?
  5. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF OLD SCHOOL? probably people who remember when michael jackson looked human! :omg:
  6. Bollox, now I feel old :(
  7. Who is michael Jackson??
  8. F*ck, I remember him when he was five foot two and sung in front of his brothers.

    Them flares were 'outasite'....git dahn!
  9. What a top film!
  10. Didn't he used to be black and look like a bloke?
  11. yeh before he slept with kids and chimps! 8O
  12. Real answer... (doh!)...

    Being able to clip someone repeatedly round the head with a spanner if they had gobbed off, etc, instead of being gay and using AGAI 67.
  13. Any form of music that was played at least 15 years ago! And any kind of rules used 15 years ago too!