What is the DCAE and what is Diagnostic Testing Assesment

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TheViciousRabbit, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. I am rejoining the army as tels tech, in the reme. I have been "provisionally accepted" providing i pass a medical and"Diagnostic Testing Assesment at DCAE". Does anyone know what/where DCAE is and any ideas what diagnostic testing assesment is. I dont know and niether does army careers chap.
  2. An interesting question, Rabbit!

    I assume that, as you are rejoining, I can use the acronyms at will! Let me know if you don't understand!

    Tels Techs no longer exist - well they do, in dark corners in some of the Bns :lol: , but the Factory has stopped producing them. SEAE now trains Tech Elecs who are then trained on Tels, Radar or ECE equipments before they are posted (at least, that was the plan :lol: ).

    SEAE also trains, in conjunction with DCAE Arborfield, Tech Ac and Tech Av. SEAE will undertake the diagnostic assessment - not DCAE (the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering, IIRC).

    I assume that, as a "rejoin", you are being treated as a "transferee". If you want to be a technician, you have to hold a minimum of 3 GCSEs in Maths, English and a Science at Grade C or above, or their equivalent. I understand that the testing is carried out in Arborfield and will test your basic maths, algebra, trigonometry and science. You will probably also be interviewed by the SPSO and one of the Senior Instructors. You will be tested in order to judge whether you have the academic background and intellectual aptitude to pursue a 15 month course that will stretch you.

    7 hours in a classroom, week in, week out, with 2 hours of prep twice a week? A Level Maths in 12 weeks? Is that what you want?

    Happy to discuss via PM if necessary.