What is the daily routine the new recruits have at CIC

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by recce, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. As a new recruit i will be in at catterick to start very soon and just wanted to know what i can look forward to.
    So if any of ya PTI have some tips I will put it to work before i'm due
  2. I have a tip.

    Write in proper English. More people will respond that way.
  3. I will be joining The royal irish regiment.
    And I just wanted to know what is the daily routine for new recriuts,
    and what stuf they will be doing in the early days .
    Hopefully not sitting and playing cards .
    Just want some good info
  4. Unless things have changed a very great deal, I don't think you need to worry about sitting around feeling bored.... :wink:

    On the other hand, fantasizing about that 'sleep' thing you used to enjoy may well be a feature of your life style...
  5. or8 i transferd from itc cattrick a few years back its pretty intesnse but its pretty rewarding after the first few weeks of beastings an p.t it settels down a normal day

    up at 6am
    630-730 breakfast
    800-1200 lesson an pt
    1200-1300 lunch
    1330-1500 lecture
    1500-1700 administration (ironing kit or personal drill)
    1700-1800 dinner
    if your in weeks 1-6 after 1800 the duty nco will help sort admin an genrally sort the platoon out

    after week six your trusted to sort your own admin an the gym is a good place to call to or the naffi for a beer

    hope this help an good luck itc is a awsome place an get ready fro the land of nod lol
  6. Thanks , what shape do you have to be in to excel in .
    I can run 1.5 mile in 9minute but is it better to do 5mile at 8 minute mile pace.
    Or do they bring your fitness down so that everyone is at the same level and the shoot it strait up?
  7. Cav_Tank, you are sh1tting us? You basically finish at 1500?! 5.5 hours of training a day? The duty NCO "helps" with admin? And drinking from week 6 onwards?
  8. Go easy on the young man Praetorian he is one of Tonys high achievers on the GCSE scheme. He is probaly a straight A student and therefore not used to being critiscied. In fact the reason why smoking has been banned because the little tyke has probaly spent his education wrapped up in cotton wool highly flammable. In fact rumour has it that the smock has a integral hoodie that will fit over his issued helmet. Dont worry about them going to the Naafi as he probaly has a ASBO.

    Armadillo (Deepcut survivor)
  9. Hey Ill show you the road to armadillo, its's up you arrse.
    What ever you are blabbering about is useless info ,
    So i have got edeucation and you don't no need to cry I give you a hand , i you want me to or i will even hold it when we do the assault course if you if you feeling lonely.
    So i lets stop mucking about i just wanted some info , ore is it shit in your eyes to be prepared...
  10. Expect not to have any free time whatsoever, expect not to have enough sleep, expect to do a great deal of running, expect to be shouted at a lot, jump when told to do so. Listen with horror to the rapidly spreading legend of a newbi called 'Bradshaw'
  11. Can you hear my knees knocking no its my forefinginger on the quick dial to the DS office. There I will be on the square im the nasty b*****d drilling you, or beasting you across the assault course. It is a small army and the sergeants mess has the biggest network outside of the mafia, your life will be touched I promise you.

    One thing you will learn my little sunshine is that the army is the only victorian communist democracy in the world. Manners count as does proper syntax. Writing a message to established soldiers in the manner of a socially repressed yardie, your message came across as cocky which upsets senior soldiers.

    You are in for a sharp shock young man get it into your head that you will be visiting a alien planet. If you want genuine advice write some proper questions and PM me. Mock me do so at your peril. You are privileged to be joining the most battle hardened professional soldiers in the world. Come in awe we can train you, come with attitude we will jail you.

    At the moment in a dusty lonely part of the planet are young men fighting horrible odds.

    My message to preatorian is a comment on the social demographics that this government is producing that we as soldiers have to train out of you.

    Nuff said Armadillo

    Put your bloody feet together when you read this!!!!!!
  12. Now that is advice thanks , the thing is you have to have the right attitude to be trained as a good soldier , and if it is going to be hard drill that will bring that out in me so be it.
    But the most inportant thing is that i have the privilege to join , and it is going to be hard, and saying that nothing is easy.
    Thanks for the info,
    That is the type of stuf that i am looking for .
  13. 0900 First Alarm call
    0915 Pl Sgt arrives with morning papers, takes numbers for morning scoff
    0945 Sec Cmdrs take rcts to cookhouse in minibus or landrover
    1000 Scoff/brunch
    1100 Countryside walk with stops for lessons. Generally an open chat with the PC about current affairs or military history.
    1300 Pub lunch
    1400 Return to Coy lines for afternoon of light sports.
    1530 Naafi break
    1600 Personal admin time. Corporals collect laundry for admin run.
    1800 BBQ organised by CQMS. Bring your own bottle.
    2100 Early night. PS and PC make final checks of Pl areas that civvy cleaners have done a good job of the ablutions.
    2130 Night night Ypres Platoon.
  14. Listening to that dribble I wouldn't want you anywhere near me. Glad I'm leaving if this is the "New Army"....

    P.S. You're hoping to join my Regiment i see. Gobshite.