What is the current recommended calorie intake for Afghanistan?

Thanks all, looking to ensure I had my figures right in order to settle a difference of opinion with a friend....I stated that in hot climates with op loads the calorific requirement went up (about 4000-5000 cals per day?) but that appetite decreased ; can someone give me a reference or source that details daily requirements please; alternatively a well stated evidence based answer would be gratefully received!
You eat when and as much as you can. Yes heat does dissipate your appetite, but your mukkahs will ensure that you are looked after. Also the new rations are more about small snacks on the move. Reference? Google is your friend.


This is interesting. Gently asking, in the OP's example, would this depend on the individual and the circumstances, workload, fitness levels, health etc? But higher workloads require sufficient food and fluids intake to meet the demands. Also, re-hydration would be very important. Project managers for instance, have to take in to account all sorts of factors in food services, and think healthy FOR the customers if there's no place else for them to eat, for whatever reason . But that's not the point here. In KAF we were giving the boys up to 5000 calories a day, high energy grub, and a wide range of colourful food groups in attempts to provide nutrition, hydration, vitamins, minerals and calories. Even fifteen years ago in the Hotels for instance, we were told by coaches to serve football teams Jacket spuds, beans, tuna and chicken. So there's something in those food groups that works.

Edited to add that we also looked at hot weather and nutrition research from Loughborough Uni.

A couple of links you might find interesting.

UK http://www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/pdfs/publication/eatwellplate0210.pdf

US A Healthy Diet | GoArmy.com

Meals, Ready-To-Eat | GoArmy.com

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