What is the cure?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, May 6, 2007.

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  1. I had to meet some several unfortunate arrsers yesterday and they made me, nay, forced me, to start drinking at half nine in the morning. That's just inherently wrong.

    Ergo, I am hanging out of my arrse. I need a cure, and fast.
  2. Why so late?
  3. Apparently, there was rugby involved.
  4. Stop being a big raving hom, get two of those fat fingers down your grid and be done with it, then let a new day of drinking begin!!

  5. You? alcohol? Forced?

    Full fried breakfast complete with black pudding and fried bread, lots of tea and good vomit. I don't know , or even care, if it will make you feel better; but it will be funny.
  6. Sausage sandwich, can of guinness, a great big shit, and Hollyoaks.

    Well, it worked for me this morning.
  7. I'm from Chester where they film the said hangover cure programme and let me tell you there aren't any women like that there!
  8. Wanking over Hollyoaks is not going to solve this problem.
  9. Yes, why so late, it was a Saturday for Gods sake. By the way, you've missed the best cure by about 2 hours---A F***ING BIG FRY-UP follwed by a gallon of coffee and then back out on the urine, especially as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday.
  10. Don't even talk about food, I will just blow chunks.
  11. who is chunks?
  12. Im chunks fella!
  13. You were pissed up by lunch and spent the day annoying people not really much of a news flash there.
  14. He's coming soon
  15. Didn't see you there.

    I would have noticed by your shiney head.