What is the biggest problem in Afghanistan?... Police.


Within hours of their arrival bands of villagers told the Americans that the local police force was a bigger problem than the Taliban.
...in the face of an increasingly violent Taliban insurgency: the need for competent, trustworthy police. What many villagers see now is the opposite — a pot-smoking, ragtag, thieving force that makes the Taliban look disciplined in comparison.
Afghans often view the police "more as a source of fear than of security."
But removing of local police looks as a military operation itself.

Schoenmaker's commander told him to kick the police out and install the new backup force. U.S. fighter aircraft patrolled overhead in case a fight broke out.

A Marine radio operator sat outside the compound as the police packed up. He got a report from a nearby unit that villagers complained that the police had just stolen jewelry and money from them. The ragtag force tore out of the compound, speeding their green, U.S.-bought Ford Rangers toward Helmand's provincial capital, just 10 miles to the north.
So these thieves in police uniforms drive Fords bought by taxpayers money. Nice. Maybe the criminals (so called policemen) would be jailed? Not exactly.

The old force will now receive U.S.-sponsored training called "focused district development," a program that gives police eight weeks of intense U.S. training and continued oversight thereafter.
Just imagine that a policeman in the USA cought on thieving on the spot would get additional trainings instead of lovely chamber in the jail.
Within Afghanistan I am not qualified to answer - without, it is the dreadful, dilatory, indecisive, parsimonious, bigoted, dogma driven, no-hopers comprising our government!

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