What is the BFT age cut off in today's Army ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. When i was in, BFT was within normal time for 17-29 year olds, then when you hit 30 you had an extra 2 minutes added on, then from 40 years old you were exempt. (I know that S/F, Paras and Crabs had their own time rules)

    But generally, Any changes from 20 years ago ?
  2. 29 years old and younger have 10 minutes 30 seconds to run 1.5 miles. After 29 years of age you get an extra 30 seconds for every 5 years of age until the age of 50 then you no longer have to do the PFT.
  3. Still have to do the PFT over 50. MATT 2gives the times for 50-54 as 13 mins 30 secs, 55-59 14 mins 30 secs and 60-64 (!!) 15 mins 30 secs. Obviously this is for males. Females have 2 minutes 30 seconds added to all these times.
  4. 2:30 added for girls? Equality my arrse.
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  5. Pretty misinfomed during your service weren't you?
  6. Was I ??

    Judging by the incoming answers so far, time and age rules seem to be all over the shop.

    Would it be fair to say that it is up to individual regiments to set their own rules now??

    I notice that the name "Battle Fitness Test" (BFT) has now changed to Personal or Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

    Just for the record, in our mob, BFT was a compulsory test requirement every 3 months, fail it and it was a solid week of remedial P.T, until you were passing "butter milk" through your arrse hole !

    Combat Fitness Test (CFT) (Do they still have them now?) was a 5 mile run in full battle kit, and this had to be done twice a year.
  7. No it is not up to Regiments. It is done twice yearly. Of course, there is nothing to stop the Regt doing it more often "just for fun" but the mandate is for individuals to pass the test two times a year (unless unfit for medical reasons).
  8. Further, time and age rules are not " all over the shop". There are clearly laid out tables that show the run time, number of press ups and number of sit ups required by age and gender. Run times increase with age in 5 year blocks. The press ups and sit ups are a (relatively) recent introduction that you may not have picked up on.

    The name of the test has changed a few times to reflect current Political Correctness Doctrine.
  9. Could you explain where they are 'all over the shop'. Way back when the BFT was an annual test with differient times for different ages as laid down by MOD. The only significant change in times was when trainers were introduced as footwear.
  10. There was a stage where over 50s got Xmins (I think it was 29mins)to complete the whole 3 miles of the BFT.

    This meant they didn't have to do the squaded first half but just ran the whole thing in their own time.

    One CO I remember won a LOT of port with this one as he used to challenge the racing snakes and they would have to do sub 4 minute miles on the second half to beat him as he could do the 3 miles in 22 mins.

    Sneaky :)
  11. When I joined in 1995 it was Basic Fitness Test not "Battle" then PFA Personal Fitness Assessment the PFT Personal Fitness Test, now it's back to PFA! never had the chance to run 1.5 miles from the Taliban in trainers though! Crock of shite!
  12. Used to be 10 miles in CEFO once a year. I remember in Germany in 74, someone said, oop's we haven't done one this year so the next day we were straight out on it. Then they changed it to the BFT. 3 miles was a piece of cake. I probably couldn't run 3 yards now because of my knee's.
  13. Yes, i can understand that some regiments did far more than the standard requirement as laid down by MOD.

    But trainers were not allowed, well, not in my mob, they sure would have made it noticeably easier C/W push ups and sit ups !

    I guess a generation of absence from the colours has proved the point that time changes everything.

    Now i am fully educated, Thanks Guy's.
  14. You forgot the BPFA as well which came in just after the BFT.
    Still I love bringing whatever its called this week up when the females chops off about equal rights.
  15. Hence why I called it a "10 miler, not a BFT", to avoid confusion. The replacement CFT 8 miler was suppose to include 1 mile over rough terrain in the then new shytty BCF Mk1s, but our unit use to ignore that bit, but would whip us up like animals at the beginning over the 9 1/2 mile course and panic when we were cruising in for a 1 hr 35 min finish and the PTI's formed a line across the front of the unit to try and slow us down. There were "consequences" for them if we come in more than 10 mins early.

    Then, when it came to the shoulder carry, I would spot one of our 8st weaklings and pair off, I would carry him first, and after covering the (60/100 yards)? I would put him on the ground and then pick him up again and carry him back. PTI's never noticed that.
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