what is the best wah youve ever known?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. i've scoured the site and found no dedicated 'wah' thread, so here's mine. i was carrying out a messier damper mod on a cvrt, which involves drilling the hull full of 20mm holes with a big shoulder mounted wolf drill. ear defenders were on, these things are noisy, and i get a tap on the shoulder.
    i turn the drill off and remove my ear defenders and turn to the lad who has distracted me.
    "what are you doing?" he asks
    "drilling holes for the damper mod." i reply
    it was simple and like taking candy from a baby.
    recently i had a beauty where someone mentioned that there was a re-union for all of those who joined up in '95.
    "what the dickens are they doing having a re-union?" i cast out,waiting.
    "duh,it's only their 10th anniversary since joining up." one lad blurted, and mid-blurt he tried to put the anchors on but he was too committed.i had quite an audience as well which makes it all the sweeter!
  2. I'm sorry but I'm Irish and the local idiot round my village, what does "wah" mean? Does it just mean I couldn't give a twopenny fcuk or what?

  3. Quality wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Managed a quality one not so long back, one of the female clerks who lived in the block had been shopping, as she fought her way through the front door laden down with carrier bags from Tesco's i shouted hey N..... have you just been to Tesco's love, yes came her reply, wahhhh came mine, and a bemused look from her, she later told me that when she asked her boyfriend what i had meant by waaaahhhh, he asked if she was trying to waaahhhh him, this left her even more confused till he took pity on her and eventually told her.

  5. The phone's pretty good.

    "..hello, Adjutant".

    "is that the Adjutant?"



    replace handset
  6. When I was across the water in '99. We were watching Kosovo kicking off on the telly while we were all sitting around in the hanger doing feck all. One of the guys who we were support staff for was chuntering about going back to his old unit (irish guards) and seeing some action. The blokes decided to stitch him up and got our scalies to arrange for a fake signal to get sent from HQNI to us requesting he rejoin his unit. Everyone was in on it and it worked a treat.

    The bloke was convinced he was off 'to war' they had a leaving do for him and everything in the hanger much boozing and loads of bravado from the guy in question. the next day he gets in the lynx for the flight back to the UK. We all go outside and wave him off.
    The pilots had been briefed to fly out over the sea then pretend to have trouble and make a return to Aldergrove. This gave us all time to knock up some 'welcome home our hero' banners and get formed up near the helipad ready for some industrial strength piss-taking.

    What a fcuking beauty, he was absolutely hook line and sinker and it took about three hours to convince him it was all a wind up. Apparently he had finished with his missus and sold his car and everything.

    Oh dear.

    I dont know if this counts as a wahhh but its a good wind up all the same!
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  7. I was walking to the photocopier in the Sqn offices and the photocopy repair man was on his knees next to the copier surrounded by parts of the said machine with all the panels open and the feed trays on the floor.

    Me: photocopier bust again is it?
    Him: Yes.
    Me: Waaah
    Him: ???
  8. uk petrol prices set to rise in excess of £1...

    ...most uk petrol stations are unable to display prices in excess of 99.9p

  9. Neil Kinnerk visits Palace Barracks Xmas 90. One of the lads walks up to him and asks

    Soldier; Hi Sir are you leader of the Labour Party?

    Kinnerk replies, Yes Son

    Soldier, WAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Kinnerk, looks confused.

    Soldier spends 20 mins on the shell
  10. Me:it's all round camp
    Me:The perimeter fence!
  11. Didn't some Para do that to Blair on TELIC in front of the Bn. "What party are you in", "New Labour", "wah".
  12. no but it sounds like a classic walt story :twisted: "...I was drinking with Johnny Two Combs in the ops room and we decided to try and nick one of Slab Murphy's pigs from his farm....etc etc....We eventually got jimmy wheels and tommy bleep to drive us to XMG...."
  13. why don't you get down on my veiny repeater you cnut

    I was relating the story of a quality wind up, how does that make me a walt????

    Once saw my mate coming out of the block wearing full leathers carrying skid lid

    Me: What are you up to mate

    Him: I'm off for a ride on my bike

    Me: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  14. The word 'gullible' cannot be found in any English dictionary.