What is the best thing about being in the Royal Signals?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Siggie, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. As the title says...
  2. Leaving three years later when you realise special forces don't actually scrape the weeds out of the cobbles on camp.
  3. World class facilties and exciting foreign trips are available in spades to the soldiers and officers of the Royal Signals, and this close knit corps takes full advantage.I can now order a beer in seven different languages and get laid in four.
  4. Haa, nice ;)
  5. lmao thats great
  6. ... the way their rings clench up around my your staff when they choke on your mate's spaff. Just sayin'...
  7. :D :D :D Tw@t :D . You made my day.
  8. NOT being in the Royal Engineers?

    Edited to add:

    No offence. He lied. :p
  9. I always found the Corps highly interesting, even though most of the time we were still using Clansman that barely worked but it added to the challenge and using the grey matter more. I found it enjoyable and it helped me a lot in personaly ways as well as setting me up for my new role.

    Even though it wasn't really my sort of thing at heart I know I wouldnt go back and change a thing (except the decision to wear Magnums in Wales :x ) my time in the TA Sigs in all honesty really helped reinforce my wish to go regular in the new year.

    Sentimental gumf over

    Although on the downside means I've already been dicked as the new Platoon Siggie :roll:

    PRC Out 8)
  10. Variety, different units different roles, Plenty of sport and if you're keen enough quick promotion. Plus it's a big Corps and they are everywhere.

    If you're up for it the option to go 216 Para, 264 SAS or 3 Cdo Bde.

    Sets you up with good employment prospects for the future for a life after the Corps.

    Over 13 years for me.
  11. A better question would be, what's the worst? Feck me! Plenty to talk about there. :D
  12. You have the filthiest birds ever, one of the disgusting toads allowed my pal to f*ck her in her flat for half an hour after he had filled his trollies with sh*t and p*ss, I stood in the doorway watching, transfixed as his bony arrse tattooed with a Globe and Buster banged away to the rythm of a dripping tap
  13. Sounds to me like you were lucky enough to bump into one of my classier female co workers. During a trip to Belize, as a sprog , I remember seeing a female operater , on her knees in the cinema at A.P.C taking on all comers.
  14. Class, a live show. They only screened films when I was at APC. What year are you referring to baldone?
  15. It was the mid ninties , when 3DIV sent over 202SIGS SQN to do a bit of J.W training.I cant remember the female rad op name though . Strange that but I had spent most of that night drinking in the B.D.F bar