what is the best squaddie film EVER ....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Iainmc, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. This was being debated over a few little drinks a few weeks ago:

    What is the best squaddie film ever?

    Some of our thoughts included:-


    Kelly's hero's

    Dog soldiers
  2. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

  3. For humour, dog soldiers xx
  4. I swear that film was constructed around the Matrix-inspired line near the end:

    "There is no Spoon!"
  5. Pardon the x's force of habit on the phone
  6. The Hill, good choice Mr D.

    Seconded Dog Soldiers for showing squaddie humour/banter

    Black Hawk Down, Where Eagles Dare, Private Ryan and Kokoda, Kelly Heroes for enjoyment factor.
  7. The bridge over the river Kwai
  8. Oh, I felt loved for a minute there.
  9. I still think some director should do a film or series like Band of Brothers but depicting a British WWII Unit from training through to the end of the war just like Band of Brothers, in particular why not a series on Lord Lovats Brigade, from the arrival at the Station and having to get to Achnacarry with their kit under a certain time, through their training in Scotland and onto the European Mainland Theatre of War. Achnacarry or "Castle Commando" as it was known to the 25,000 who went through the training during WWII saw soldiers from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, America, Holland and Norway take and pass the Commando course. A series would surely make for a Blockbuster like the Band of Brothers?!
  10. Tunes of Glory
    Guns at Batasi
  11. Not sure on the money side of things but the Brit chap who made 'Shaun of the dead' and 'Hot fuzz' was on the news at the opening of his new film in the US the other day, stating that they had to make it over there, as there wasn`t one bit of funding available for films in the UK any more. As the chap seems to turn out fairly good box office hits so is probably immensely backable, for him not to be able to gain financial backing for a project over here speaks volumes.
    If I recall correctly when BoB was first aired on the TV, it was put on BBC2 as the beeb thought it would have a limited audience, which gives an idea of the media`s mindset towards war films/series.
    Even if you take something which is war related and is popular such as 'Foyles War', it`s still essentially a detective series but set in a wartime environment.
    I`ve always thought it odd that TV production companies can turn out good episodes for a series which are about two hours long (longer than the average movie), such as Foyles, Frost, Cadfael etc. but film companies struggle to get funding for their projects over here.
  12. I would say the original version of 'All quiet on the western front' an excellent film, well acted, and although the characters are German, the story applies equally to all sides in the great war.

    If you've never seen it try to.
  13. Do you think if members of arrse researched it, storyboarded it and packaged it in a nice bound book and bundled it off to Spielberg he would send Tom hanks over to do it? I reckon we should try
  14. So many to choose from. Especially the older classics.

    But it you're watching on Blue-Ray, and in full 5.1 surround sound etc, then it has to be Balckhawk Down.

    If they were to completely remake some of the classics again, in HD, with decent cameras/sound and modern equipment then I'd change my mind.

    But in this modern world - it's Blackhawk Down, without a doubt.
  15. I mentioned on another thread that I believe Quartered Safe Out Here would make for an excellent mini-series. The majority of it could be fimed in India with Indian extras (where they know a thing or two about making films), not too much required in terms of kit and with the story already done maybe it just needs arrse to produce a decent screen play?