What is the best posting in signals? (non - TA )

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenmachine, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. Im to be posted soon and would like to know wether anyone can reccomend me a really good posting they have just been to or are at.

    any good (non div ) postings in England?

  2. I had 2 lovely years in Latina, but that might be a way down the line for you ;-) Depends what trade you are and if you are interested in getting on.
  3. Why non-TA?
  4. Cos they all smell of Cats Wee!
  5. :roll:
  6. 30 sigs if you are a AS op or one of the the Bdes (1, 12 and 19) if you're an RS op (RS op better)
  7. Cause although its meant to be a career enhancing move, in the Sigs it isn't.

    You'll find many TA RSigs don't want to be in TA Signal Squadrons, spent the weekend listening to their reasons, quite a few want to join the RAF, others want to join the TA Infantry and some are looking at specialist units (and giving the corps another go). The TA RSigs is only staying alive because of the influx of ex-TA infantry from a few years ago, how long is that going to last?
  8. Part of this problem is because day to life of r sigs is things like det maintenance which is not attractive to a weekend warrior so guess who ends up making sure who makes sure the dets are up to RSIT standards. Whichever one of us poor barstewards who gets a PSI posting.

    However the best Rsigs postings are the embassy and similar postings if you can get them. There are some quality postings out there however the best ones they ask for you.
  9. 40 sigs yeee hah
  10. It wont matter were you ask for, they will send you somewere else and before any of you managment types tell me im wrong excluding my first (didn't get asked and wouldn't have asked) and second last (238 but im a geek and that job has changed since i left) i havent had anywere i asked for not even close! and thats 1 out of 6 posts.
  11. Hallveg. My experience is otherwise. In 25 and a half years, I only got one posting that wasn't my first choice, and that was NCISS Latina !
  12. Quite right but thats mainly Ptarmigan units, maintenance weekends tend to be a social events and are well attended.

    In the other regiments most (all?) RSIT kit has been backloaded and the Tech PSI's spend part of their time assisting IS Eng PSI getting his det on the road.
  13. To an RE unit!!
  14. If you're a tech or a crypto trained AS/RS Op, you could do far worse than UKLFCSG. Spent 3 great years there, great lads, great city, great Sqn management (and how many places have that eh?).

    On no account ask for 16 Sigs, unless you have a stab proof vest (for wearing on your back in the mess) :lol:
  15. Tank you all for your opinions i would also like to know wether 1 RBY is really any good if anyone has been there before?