Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by lunchy_bunsworth, May 14, 2005.

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  1. I couldn’t resist asking this as two med units have just had a bashing. There must be one unit that was the best you have served in, it doesn’t have to be the best unit ever just the best med unit. I know that a number of med units have amalgamated in the last few years and I haven’t a clue what they used to be called so amend you comments and give old unit and the new unit that it is part of.
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    16 Fd Amb before morphing into 16 Armd Fd Amb.

    Superb units, with characters and soldiers wanting to get a job done. Great hierachies and obviously a few black sheep. But great times in great units.

    I started at 6 Fd Fce Fd Amb and nearly finished at 16 Armd Fd Amb!
  3. Unfortunately can't really reply to this I have only worked with the worst 24 AFA, 1 AFA and 5GS.

    Only Haslar and Cyprus were fun but they are in a different group. Of course I could have just been unlucky?
  4. Been impressed with 33 FH, 2 AFA wasn't too bad (apart from a certain SSM)
  5. 22 Fd has been pretty good really (with the obvious exception :wink: )

    But i'm with FLL on haslar & cyprus!
  6. 5 Armd Fld Amb when it was in Munster before GW1 (1987). A chap called P**** L**** Was in charge. Top Unit, Quality medics and RCT blokes.

    Unfortunately soon after that a guy called "R Squared" came as CO and the whole place went to rat pooh. The unit never seemed to recover after that. Apparently it got even worse when they moved to preston as can be seen in another thread :oops: :oops:

    Ahh well nothing lasts forever. :cry: :cry:
  7. Dancing Daves 2 AFA early to mid 90's..........awesome rugby team frequently beaten by the corps team ie Rinteln. Cracking RSMs and excellant blokes and blokesses
  8. 33 FH and Haslar with the recently (and sadly) departed,WO2 as my boss in the FST/Theatres.
  9. Well, my 1st unit was 4 AFA. Great at the time, but lots of name calling between us and the Joeys.

    Still a Trogg, but now with 33FH and it is in the top 2 of my best units ever. Crackin' top corridor and the veiws are the best you can ask for. I will miss it when I go.
  10. 15 Fld Amb before amalgamation with 23 PFA to become 6 Fld Force Fld Amb.
    Great unit, great guys. and right next door to the old Tidworth hospital, gawd we had some fun. Happy days.
  11. Had a good time on tour with 33 Fd, worst unit would have to be a MDHU up north!!

  12. we were not the Corps team....just a fecking good team :twisted:
  13. Those were the days!!

  14. 33 Has to be my number 1, followed closely by 4 AFA in the mid to late 80's.......
  15. 33 FH Al Jubail 90 - 91