What Is The Beer Goggles Solution

Happy days, I've found the cure to beer goggles. You simply strap one of these to your old chap, swallow the key and you're safe as houses.

Do they do them in very large sizes? :D :D :D

DozyBint said:
It could do with a wash - looks like there's a stray pube in there and the piss-slot looks a bit spaff-encrusted.
I've got a new wire brush, has to be next week before I service the car, unless you prefer oil and rust?

Or brillo pad if you want, the ones with the soap already in.

New age man me, just trying to please :)
BarkingSpider said:
You fcuking deviant, WTF were you looking for when you found that?
Or did you just come across it? :D
Guilty as charged. Deviant to the core!
duffdike said:
And its cammed up too. Brilliant if you need to Flash on ops.
With cammo they won't see you coming.

Have you seen my coat and hat? Taxi!
There's no cure for Beer Goggles. Just go with it and take two aspirin in the morning!
Command_doh said:
What are you supposed to do - nail the housing to your groin? How the fcuk does it stay in place? Or is it a novelty 'glory hole/wall bum' interface aid?
You slide the whole thing over your penis and clamp the ring at the back behind your testicles so that they hang down between the front and rear sections.

Err... probably. :oops:

Looks like it might be a bit painful if you get a log on, although that would please some people. :twisted:
Australia? Isn't that where all the pissy knobs who can't play rugger hang out? :mrgreen:
Lardbeast said:
Australia? Isn't that where all the pissy knobs who can't play rugger hang out? :mrgreen:
Quite possibly, since I don't know the difference between league and union, I must be one of them... :wink:

And may you choke on your poxy Ashes, we didn't want them anyway (we can take them back Any Time We Choose)
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