What is the BBC coming to...

Was it found near Marx's grave, because we all know that was a Communist plot.
They'll be confusing Dicondylia and Monocondylia next!
The BBC has been heading down the shitter for years now
Thanks for the offer but I can manage that with a mirror and a torch
It would need fúcking sonar to measure it's depth. On the plus side you need only cough hard to drop your womb through the yawning gap in order to have it examined.
What is the BBC coming to when it doesn't know enough to describe a spider as an archnid rather than an insect?! or is it just me made cross by this?

BBC News - Rare spider species found in Highgate Cemetery vaults

"Some of the tombs where the insect was discovered date back to the 1830s"
Tha ******* Buggers Broadcasting Communism eh, how dare they describe Spiders as arachnids, every **** knows that insects have 6 legs, not 8 like arachnids, the ******* cnuts.


More to do with the educational level of their audience I imagine.
Sad but true....makes you wonder if these really are the best journalists applying or if the editor just heads home at the weekend and gives up checking articles for basic accuracy.

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