what is the ACTUAL fitness level of most reruits?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by woozieuk1, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. I have a couple of months before i start my basic training and i wanted to know (from any PTI's etc) what the standard is and what changes are develped after a few weeks for the average recruit.

    I am a fit guy who can push out at least 70 push ups in 2 mins along with 60 sit ups but the run time is around 10:50.

    any advise or imput is welcome
  2. According to people in basic, absolutely shite, which is good news for me :D
  3. 35 push ups a minute (can do that at 40) with a pathetic amount of situps. You not fit. Oh forgot this is 2008 - you are fit. best of luck.
  4. how come you can never get a proper answer on this website? lol. Iv'e read around a few forums woozieuk1 and some posts have said some people dont even train prior to phase 1 and the standard of fitness is quite low, this maybe true it maybe not just typing down what i read. And apparently you get timed on a run at the beginning,middle & end of your basic training? to see if your improving? can anybody clarify if im right or wrong?
  5. You don't have to be anything special fitness wise in phase 1.

    70 press ups and 60 sit ups in 2 minutes is fine going through basic. The run time obviously needs to come down a tad though.
  6. Ingore others too old to remember that the start level at training is radically different to the end, who also did the run in 11 mins 30 with boots on with no press ups/sit ups.

    You are fit enough to start and will probably be in the top half, however you need to improve and shave at least a minute off your time by the end, those results would be a fail if this was a trained soldier Personal Fitness Test (PFT), but only from a run point of view.

    Just to let you know the pass mark is this for a 29 and under Male

    Press ups: 44 in 2 mins
    Sit ups: 50 in 2 mins
    Run: 2.4km/1.5 mile in 10 mins 30 secs.

    However things to remember

    a. You do it in the following order
    1. Press ups
    2. Sit ups
    3. 800m warm up run
    4. 2.4km test run
    With little to no break between the activities

    b. The sit ups. IMHO, are a bitch and I have probs with them, no hands behind the back of the head, no rocking etc, Arms are across the chest, they are hard if you have never done them before

    c. The press ups are more than little dips, all the way down my friend or they wont count

    d. Lastly and most importantly, these are BASIC tests, you should never train to hit them but way beyond, I would aim as a min 60 press up/sit up and a 9.30 run, if you are going to Pirbright as a Gunner I expect nothing less than that and leave the other Corps in your wake.

    If you are struggling now, don't worry, there are some very nice chaps that wear blue blouses (yes they are officially known as blouses please tell them that at all available opportunities) and funny advance fencing badges on their arms that are more than willing to get up at dirt o'clock to improve your fitness levels

    Don't fret mate and enjoy yourself, its the most fulfilling experience of your life and keep us updated