What IS that thing on her head?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by sportbilly42, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. I saw this in our local rag. I take it that people are no longer just satisfied with having shaped berets that resemble flat caps, but have moved on to the next stage and started shaping twat hats to ridiculous proportions too?

    ....but then I noticed that this Cpl is TA so it probably wouldn't be noticed...


    Still, good on her for getting a gong
  2. I would
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  3. H3

    H3 LE

  4. South East RFCA> Army Reserve receives medal Presentation

    Bloody odd looking QDJM.
  5. Never mind the titfer, whats underneath needs shaping.
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  6. Female pattern SD caps have only been in use for the past sixty odd years, so it's easy to understand why the OP didn't recognise it for what it is.
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  7. I don't think it was 'shaped' like that in the factory. She must have put it in her pocket on the way to the parade.

    That said, don't the Rifles routinely shape their twat hats, and I know of a few others in various units who have a thing for folding down the top at the sides.

    And, of course, let's not forget the 'slashed peak' phenominon.

    Isn't she wearing the wrong shirt? Do females wear the male coloured shirt now, or do they still wear the old cream coloured one for females?
  8. It's high time they were binned in favour of berets - Guards excepted.
  9. I believe it was de rigeur and a way to distinguish veteran from crow as far back as world war 2 (and possibly further) to have all manner of peaked forage style caps shaped. IIRC the USAAF called it the 25 mission crush.
  10. How the hell do you shape a twat cap anyway? They're not exactly soft.
  11. Has she the wrong cap badge? It doesn't appear to match her 2s
  12. She's in the engineers. RE have different collar dog to cap badge with a grenade on the collar. Officers also wear the grenade as a cap badge on their berets.
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  13. Think before you post! This level of ignorance is as bad as the mong who started the thread in the first place - shaped No1 Dress Hat my arrse. Get some ******* service in before you expound on esoteric military matters. Grrrr

    Lots of regiments have cap badges that differ from the collar dog, in fact, having a quick head-scratch, it is probably the norm.

    If the poor kid was going to be picked up for anything, it would be for her extremely idle hair.
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  14. FFS calm down...calm down.

    I was just asking, not trying to point something out. I happened to be in a corps that had the same cap badge and collar dogs, and I wasn't that interested in what badges other ******* were wearing.
  15. OP - Outrage epic fail!

    I'm afraid that you are sat alone on the bus with everybody just pointing and laughing. :)
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