Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sexbomb1972, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. :?

    hi could you tell me what is taff 1 or taff 2?
    i am going up to grantham for a selection w/e on 29th september.
    completely in dark what to expect.
    any one help?
    thanks :lick: :lick: :*

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  2. Taff 1 is a Welsh git, Taff 2 is his brother..... :p
  3. I created this wonderful wiki entry all about the initial training:

    Ok it's a bit crap, but reflects the most up to date internet publication on it all.

    TAF1, TAF2 could be refering to TAF weekends, of which there are four, or referring to the first parts of the training scheme.
  4. Sexbomb, if thats what you look like I think you may want to see the MO about that jaundice, and FYI, QR's say something about dyed hair being similar to natural colour. I mean blue hair? I ask you, whats the world coming to?

    PS: Good luck ;)
  5. :party: :flower:

    I just hope they have a sense of humour and the sight of me running about in shorts is a sight for any sore eyes!!!
    All my work mates are asking for photos!!!!hehehhehhehehhehhehhe
    thanks for reading it
  6. msr

    msr LE

    No, its's not crap, it's a great start - if anyone disagrees with what you have written they can change it, it's the wiki - and I notice no-one has...

  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    MSR, if you don't mind I'll have a bit of a minor edit tomorrow? Just a slight wording change, no change to info included.
  8. Go nuts SFD.

    An amusing scenario I can forsee is clued up recruit rocking up to ATR Somethingorother and Cpl BigHairyNasty trashes their locker (happened to us, was amusing really) for not having starched their combat trouser creases (not for that reason). Now they don't want to undermine his authority and 'gob off' that it's against the published rules/guidelines, what do they do?

    When I reported to ATR something three odd years ago I had been given JI's and the instructions 'Don't fail'. I had no idea what the rules of play were, or what to do if things went udders vertical. As usual section comd is boss and fortunately mine was.. ok. Unfortunately a bloke I knew was left on show parade in the rain for 3 hours when he had to prep for an exercise, and it turned out he was the wrong soldier. All that happened was an 'ahh.. umm. sorry about that by the duty staff' and it was swept away. He didn't know who to go to in order to raise complaint, and said nothing as thought he'd be seen as causing trouble.

    Recruits that I've personally known going through CMS(R) TA generally just get on and deal with whatever is thrown their way. They don't want to cause a scene, or get RTU'd and so just stag on. If something comes up it's perhaps mentioned to CoC back home but often they wouldn't know that the instructors were acting outside of published guidelines. End of the day it lowers their opinion of the the Regs. It did me, and it did others.

    Should there be a briefing for recruits heading off to CMS(R)? This is what to expect, what you should learn, how to behave, what to do if things go tits up. Does your recruit training cell run one?
  9. RP578

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    Purely out of curiosity, did you go to Pirbright? I ask because there were many complaints from my previous unit about the half-hearted and sub-standard ways.
  10. is any one going to grantham this weekend for tafs1
  11. Good luck all....I'm up in Wrexham on 6th October!

    What I've been told is TAFF1 is a basic look into Army life. There is a 1.5 mile run to be completed in 13mins or less. Also, there is a memory retention test.

    Basically they give a lesson on a piece o equipment, the L2 Grenade was mentioned, and then there is a test afterwards.

    Thats as much as I know.
  12. No I was at a different one, but there are complaints across the board. That is not to say there are complaints about them all, all the time, just that they all seem to make mistakes now and again.
  13. TAFS TA Foundation Scheme 1 very basic army stuff, how to iron & wear uniform, basic foot drill, rank structure etc., done at unit level.
    2 More detailed drill, values & standards, where the Army is based, Arms & sevices, more PT(timed run) normally run at RTCs. Saying that all change back to the old system, which Idon't quite know off the top of my head.
  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I’ve had a couple of requests for this via PM. Since it’s not exactly classified, I’ll post here as well. Details refer to RLC (specialist/nationally recruited weekends at PWOG Bks-Grantham and was for a weekend 28th-31st July)

    Be aware that this overview deals with the combined TAFS part 1 & 2

    1800-2200 Hrs Arrival & reception.
    2200 Hrs Opening address (probably Capt L*****t)

    0645 Breakfast
    0730 Entrance Test (TSG)
    0845 Kit issue
    1000 RLC careers presentation
    1030 Pay and allowances
    1100 Drill
    1200 Equal opportunities
    1235 Lunch
    1315 Drill
    1430 Rank and insignia
    1500 Drill
    1600 British Army areas of deployment
    1645 Law of Armed Conflict
    1715 Evening meal
    1815 Fieldcraft
    1910 Physical Training
    2015 Admin

    0645 Breakfast
    0715 Drill
    0815 ‘Users and losers’ video
    0850 ‘Your health at risk’ video
    0930 Arms and services presentation
    1000 NAAFI break
    1030 Security (PERSEC & OPSEC)
    1100 Equal opportunities part 2
    1145 Drill
    1230 Lunch
    1315 Personal trade interviews
    1330 DCCT (Dismounted Close Combat Trainer)
    1615 24hr clock and phonetic alphabet
    1715 Evening meal
    1815 Admin

    0645 Breakfast
    0730 Equal opportunities and diversity 3
    0815 AGAI 67
    0900 Fieldcraft (Train Green video)
    0930 ‘Training to be the best’ video
    1000 Personal Fitness Test
    1115 Admin
    1130 Trade interviews (if needed)
    1230 Closing notes
    1300 Lunch

    Editted for mong speelling :oops:
  15. H3

    H3 LE

    Some one at your unit must have gone through this with you or haven't we been paying attention to lectures and the like !!