What is TA training really like?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bigapple, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Now I've read a lot of posts on here and when somebody asks questions like mine it's often met with abuse.

    I've done OTC training and really enjoyed it. I'm currently looking at becoming a TA medic with my local unit.
    But, I have a problem. I'm autistic. When I was in the OTC I built up confidence, made friends and that helped me.

    I want to know what I can really expect from a proper TA training at an RTC? I'm sure i'll be fine once I'm past making a friend etc. I can take all the field stuff as I love that and thats pretty much what OTC was. It's the barrack stuff and the evenings.

    As said at the beginning, I just want some helpful and friendly advice...

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  2. Exactly the same as OTC but with more alcohol and less actual 'work' and the people who are in your unit will vary a hell of alot more in age..and size
  3. If you are so far up the spectrum to be classed as "autistic" I am guessing you have the fussy eating habbits, don't like change, don't like being touched, can't grasp sarcasm etc etc.

    I would the military leave well alone I if I were you unless the ASD has simply been bigged up to get you an unfair advantage back when you were at school, abuse of the SEN system by middle class partents was very common during the last governments tenure.
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  4. There are a few of us autistic types in the RAMC.

    Your best bet is to visit your local TA centre and have a chat.
  5. Suck it and see, if you want to try it, go along to see what your local mob is like.
  6. I'm very close to aspergers. Hate change etc yes. Not fussy eater.

    My local unit seems to be really nice. But it's the training I'm worried about. Some find marching and shooting hard. I find speaking to somebody hard.

    When I completed my OTC training I was made 2IC. But I was comfortable with everyone and it was a small team.

    I work for the NHS already so phase 2 etc isn't as daunting.

    Thanks for the good advice!
  7. Hang on,

    'Im autistic'

    'I'm close to Aspergers'

    I call spacker Walt.

    If you were autistic you'd not get far in the army or the NHS.

    Close to Aspergers? How close? Like in the same county, or sharing fluids.

    Just 'cause you're a mong doesn't give you a laminated self diagnosis FMed. Have you heard of coping strategies like 'paying attention' and 'doing what you are told'???

    Hmmm. The force is strong in this one!
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  8. After seeing a psychologist for most of my life he hasn't ever made it clear where on the spectrum I am. I was only asking for some advice.

    It's not the 'paying attention' and doing as i'm told' that I find hard. It was more the getting on with people and coping strategies on getting through training.
  9. Well in order to formulate your own strategies I suggest you find out! It may even be that you are just introverted or shy.

    When did you last see a shrink?
  10. I see one quite regularly. I was feeling the same before joining the OTC. And when I was a teenager and in the cadets.

    I think it's more getting past getting used to the life and attempting at making bonds. You said you have autism too. What helped you?
  11. All becomes clear to me at least. Try ditching the shrink, ignore any labels that have been stuck on you, get on with your life.
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  12. Christ it's Rainman.
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  13. ....about 4 hours after pointing the loaded Rifle at the OTC PSI who gave him a direct order to get out of bed, by the sounds of it.

    Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Private. Pyle's greatest hour. - YouTube
  14. He can count all the loose rounds....and get it right first time.
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  15. ...about a 1/2 kilo of chang