What is Sven trying to say ?

First off - this is not a way of naming the managers (although some will creep onto the radar), but a way of identifying from Sven's alleged statements to the phoney Sheikh who he thinks is less than clean in football bung terms.

The NotW Sven-gate article yesterday included three statements about three Premiership clubs. So who is Sven talking about ?

CLUB ONE is a struggling Premiership outfit whose manager Eriksson labelled "the worst" at taking backhanders
Well everyone is struggling to get ahead of someone else, although Chelsea are the least likely here. Sven would perhaps be referring to a club in or close to the relegation zone for much of the season .... or one seriously off their form of recent years. This latter is most likely to be Arsenal, but I don't think Sven means them. Let's start with clubs that are really struggling with their form .... who, for instance, has lost 50% of their matches

West Brom

From which he might rule out West Brom, Birmingham and Sunderland as they've made little impact on the transfer market (in volume or expense terms).

So, does he mean Everton, Newcastle or Portsmouth ?. And that folks, is an open question. Loss in status would suggest Everton, ongoing slide suggests Newcastle, absolute chaos with masses of changes could suggest Pompey.

CLUB TWO is one of the country's most famous names whose boss Still accused of being involved in a big transfer "scam"
Would Sven be talking of the last 40 years during which he's been following English football?. In that case Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man U, Spurs - include Newcastle as they've a big following and older tradition. You could include Man City but Psycho has only just started - and is perhaps the antithesis of the 'behind doors' behaviour type. Maurinho doesn't need to but Chelsea have got caught - is this the very case to which he's referring?.

Most of the others don't seem the type, Ferguson has done some big deals and Man U over the years have been fined for pinching juniors from other clubs (Beckham/Scholes vintage, but I can't remember which players).

Hmm, more info please Sven.

CLUB THREE is another leading side which allegedly paid over the odds for players in "illegal deals"
Again "leading side" through Sven's eyes. Even he can't be talking about anyone outside the top third as being 'leading' anything. so you come down to the Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Wigan, Bolton - Charlton have been up there for much of the season so include them. This seems to be levelled against the club rather than manager and is much harder to guage. All clubs make deals but the larger names/fees have more scope for syphoning bits away.

Much more info please Sven.

Any other insights into Sven's thinking?

PS - As for Sven suing NotW for breach of anything, I hope they take him for everything he's got.


The only transfer scam Newcastle should be involved in is offloading those lumbering oafs, Bousong and Shambles I mean Bramble to some unsuspecting club.... Sunderland leaps to mind.
I dont think Sven is implying anyone in particular, just making a general statement. Where is the story here anyway? Illegal deals in football, its like saying the masons are a secret society - no story. Its just poor journolism taken to new depths. Yes Sven was nieve but its hardly earth shattering stuff.

Why cant the papers just leave him alone to do his job and win the world cup. This year has got to be the best opportunity for a long while


I say, get Stuart Pearce in as an understudy, with Lee Bowyer as his enforcer should Sven do the dirty again.
drain_sniffer said:
I dont think Sven is implying anyone in particular, just making a general statement.
what are you on about? he named them!!! it's just the paper who had to talk about them in roundabout terms, to avoid legal action.

only one i thought of when they talked about a struggling side was harry redknapp. he's a nice bloke but seems a bit "second hand car dealer" and has a rep for making lots and lots of transfers. allegedly :)
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