Anyone give me the gen on SHAPE I am due posting there in Jan and someone told me I will be working in Casto? Is that the same as Mons or is it a different place, I am single and want to know what the accom is like, social, work, women?!any tips welcome
There is nothing in Casteau really. Mons is about 4 miles away and is a reasonable sized place with some good restaurants and bars etc. Pretty in the middle. Working for NATO sucks the big one though.
Well Outstanding, I have only visited SHAPE on dets, and I wouldn't want to be posted there. NATO works at its own pace, the spped of the slowest ship. There are loads of services from loads of countries doing the thing a different way to everyone else. Are you going to RSGS? If so it won't be too bad as the Brits are reasonably well populated. The Belgoon govt is a money grabbing bunch of shitheads gfrom what I gather and the tax priveliges are nothing like as good in Germany. I did a NATO tour in Latina and even 31 quid a day LOA and a house 2 miles from the Med could't compensate for the cr@p working environment. AND I work at Northwood at the mo, but thankfully not as a NATO potato....
Outstanding, there is more than one way to look at a posting to SHAPE.
Super Holiday At Public Expense.
Am I too presume that you are American?
I spent 2 really good years at SHAPE and from my point of view I met and am still in contact with some very good friends I made from different nationalities and walks of life. This will be useful for yourself if you like travelling and wish to explore Europe. (Don't go to Bradford, England, its full of Al Queda etc)
Yes NATO working sucks. It sucks big style, but then again how much of your basic training do you remember which was crap and how much do you remember that was fun or the bits which made you laugh out loud.
There is lots to do around the Mons area, whether you are a drinking and shagging specialist or a culture vulture.
Think about it. How many opportunities are you going to get to live and get paid in a foreign country. Where are you based now?
London is only a couple of hours away by Eurostar, France is 30 minute drive, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany etc a short hop and skip.
Remember there is nothing worse in life than saying "I had the opportunity, but............."
Go for it and worry about consequences later.
PS. I was at a deployable section in SHAPE and travelled all over Europe from Turkey to Portugal to Norway so you never know.

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