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What is sacred?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gren, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. After reading the Frankie Boyle thread, I have now wondered, what is actually sacred, and cannot be touched by humour?

    I personally dont think there is much, that cannot be ridiculed or taken the pi55 out of.

    My personal list includes

    Gay people (both)
    Black people (all variations)
    Trans gender whatevers
    Ginogs (gwah)
    The French
    Fat people
    Butch lesbians
    Fake tan people
    All religions
    Veggie tree huggers
    The Irish
    The Welsh
    The Jocks
    The French again
    Any animal that is a bit iffy (mong tiger)
    Pikeys (edited for IVV)
    Anyone else

    Why can we now, not take the pi55 out of any or all of the above?

    Have we gone so far down the PC route, that humour has also been lost?
  2. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    People with small cocks. Unless of course you have a smaller cock than me, in which case it's allright to take the piss out of small cocks.
  3. Are you any of the things you list?? For example a ginger black man?? I suppose ,when you don't belong to any commonly ridiculed groups, its easy to be blase about it. Personally I don't find much off limits, but then other than being fat and welsh i don't fit into any commonly ridiculed groups......if that makes any sense?

    Oh and the french, far from being off limits, actually BEG for it!!
  4. You forgot Pikeys!
  5. No he never....he said the Irish...same diff
  6. Edited for IVV
  8. White English middle class men. Especially when they've been fcuked over by a builder and can trace back their family history several centuries. You can't take the pish out of them anymore thanks to PC bollix. Before you know they kick off about losing their fooking country to immigrants, hippies and veggies and how fooking stupid we all are for not being able to see it.
  9. Australians, no explanation needed.
  10. and very tasty too, it's nearly BBQ season so I'll enjoy disrespecting someones faith a lot.
  11. Freedom of speech is sacred. And if you disagree I'll throw a wobbler.
  12. 'Persons with Learning Difficulties.'
  13. Sorry don't understand - can you show me that one again.
  15. So dropping it is OK, breaking it isn't. How can I tell when I drop it whether it will break or not. I await your learned answer.