What is RSigs Class 3 standard?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by REgards, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, Bored of my current trade stream (not RSigs) I have recently put in an application for a course and part of the pre-course requisite is to be competent to RSigs Cl3 standard in VP, Antennas and typing skills. Can anyone clarify for me exactly what this means? I am trained as a Class 3 Signaller in the RE, are the expected standards similar? Any help on this would be much appreciated
    Many thanks
  2. what trade RS op
  3. Your Class 3 Signals will not be the same as R SIGNALS. I suspect it will be something similiar to the Infantry Signals Course run at Warminster.... easiest way is to ask you unit's RSWO
  4. what course are you applying for, there is only one course within the RSigs that i can think of that would state those requirements and when you attend the aquaintence week they will inform you of the exact standards you will need to be at
  5. Get hold of a copy of mavis beacon and get your typing up to scratch. I don't know what the standards are but practice makes perfect.
  6. The Engineers Sigs course is around about 12 weeks, and it covers everything from line-laying to rebro's, its an actual trade not just a radio abusers course.
  7. Good question; What is R Sigs class 3 standard??
  8. Which Trade? Radio Systems, Area Systems, Info Systems, etc?

    Only common qual is Basic Signal Skills.

    Have a look on the army website to get a basic idea of the different trade groups within the Corps.

    It's more than just radios.
  9. I thought you were on exercise?