What is RE Mess Dress?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muddysapper, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Having recently been selected for promotion, I am now in the market for a set of mess dress, but what exactly IS Engineer Mess Dress? i.e George Boots or shoes? Patent leather or not? Spurs or not? Is there any particular type of shirt you must wear or is it personal preference?

    Presently I'm at an establishment that is lacking RE personnel to seek advice from. And can anyone recommend a good tailor in the North East?
  2. i have a piccie
  3. A good question, and one that deserves a sensible answer.

    Unfortunately, although I've seen RE Mess Kit on several occasions, it has always coincided with an event that has resulted in amnesia.

    I can only offer the advice that there's some red in it somewhere and I seem to recall that there is a stripe on the trousers. It would seem sensible that there would be shoes, too.

    Sorry I can't help any further.
  4. contact Chatham and ask there....they have many sets for sale as well so if you're something around run of the mill you are laughing!
  5. Contact details?
  6. If your knowledge is so lacking in Corps matters, how the hell did you make it into the Sergeants Mess?!
  7. Quite right sir. Do you never waiter on as a toffee wrapper?
  8. Aha!! Non-constructive criticism! The very sign of a bluffer (and I should know).

    Sufficiently ambiguous that I don't know if the comments were directed at me or muddysapper.

    I've never waited (waitered? - is there such a word) on in an RE Sgts Mess. I transferred across from the Infantry and somebody decided that I was too good to remain a Cpl. From my experience, the people waiting on get more plastered than the diners - and it's cheaper. Or perhaps traditions have slipped.

    In the ideal world, I'd have answered muddysapper's question merely by looking at my own kit. Unfortunately, changing circumstances have meant that there has been no stage in my 24 year stint in the Mess where I could envision still being there more than 3 years later - thus, not worth paying out oodles for mess kit for 3 showings.

    When I worked in Hong Kong a few years back, it crossed my mind that I should be able to get some kit made up for a reasonable price, but I was faced with Muddysapper's dilemma - EXACTLY what was required? One mistake and you've got a very interesting suit that you can't wear.

    For Muddysapper, links to Messkitonline etc are useful because he has many years to run - equating to less than £20 a show - but for me (and others in my situation) up to £350 a show just isn't on.
  9. Mess kit always is, you could always phone up Barney at MM and see if he has any 'specials'.

    No guarantee it will be the right Corps, colour, size etc....:D
  10. This is the latest version

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  11. I beleive RE and R Signals mess dress is the same. If so Ive got a set going v cheap. Just change buttons and collar dogs etc
  12. Do RE not have epilettes on them for all Mess members?

    Or I am I just always drunk at Mess functions :oops: