What is morale?

Morale is always perceived as high because the consequenses of it not being perceived as high are worse!

I recall an inspection by a 2 star some years ago...a lad complained that he was bored when asked how he was. The 2 star raised this with the CO, who raised this with the OCs, who came up with imaginative and compulsory ways to ensure that no one complained of boredom again.
I used to put find post it notes on the floor saying "Dont look here for morale, it isnt that high yet"
Biscuits_AB said:
Met Inge once (few years back) and got the standard questions of "Boots fit?" "Wife in Quarters?". Upset Stannier (few years back) by telling him that I was bored when he visited our Tp on FTX. We hadn't moved for days. As long as you're smiling they're happy.

I love it when the gaffers do a quick 'filter board' of those likely to meet any visiting person of importance/self importance.
Apologies for going off thread but.... the most stupid question I've ever been asked by a visiting VIP on FTX was "Do you have a Quarter?" - I was a newly promoted TA company commander at the time....

The look on his face when I replied " No, I live with my mum..."

(Not actually true but worth it for the shock effect)
Long way back had to go see the nice lady in that house at the end of the Mall. She did ask quite a few questions. Amongst others there was an old RAF boss. He came across as we filtered out and asked what she had said. I was amongst thick layer of generals, group capts and Capts RN when I answered "Oh. The usual. Wife in quarters? Naafi OK -that sort of thing" Much tut tut'ing

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