What is magnetism?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. We're all familiar with magnets, but what is magnetism? Perhaps there's some learned member on arrse who can explain it?

    How is it combined with light to form electromagnetism? If light is an electromagnetic wave, then what's magnetic about it?

    What is this strange force that we cannot see? Why do the atoms being aligned in certain materials have the effect of attraction on certain other materials yet not on stuff like stone or plastic?

    Why are things magnetic even if the atoms are aligned, where does the force come from?

    Answers on a magnetic postcard.

  2. You should have paid attention at school. You're too old to understand it now.

    Google words like Tesla, flux and field. Or cheat and go straight to "magnetism".
  3. Invisible glue.
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  4. What I've got and you haven't.
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  5. I'm afraid I'm a dopey humanities graduate ;-) I've no business with higher mathematics, one can't help but be curious about the world though.
  6. Look up 'The Lynx Effect'....
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  7. It's like autism caused by being shot in the head with the world's most powerful handgun...................oh sorry that's magnumtism
  8. In simple words, a magnet attracts magnetic material with a force called magnetism.
  9. I.m a babe magnet but like you don.t understand this magnet thing as I is both thick and ugly.
  10. It's magic.

    That explanation makes as much sense and contains about as many provable facts (that I can understand) as any other.

    Sorry mssed a bit. :cyclops:
  11. You won't believe this but I am the only person in the whole world who actually knows what magnetism is. Well you see...
    everything that exists came from the invisible place we call nothing....and there are invisible forces that act upon stuff to reverse the process. It's simple, magnetism and gravity can and will clump matter exponentially until it disappears down the (black) plug holes into another dimension from where it came. I tested this theory in my shed using an old vacuum cleaner and a tin of contact adhesive...to my surprise it worked. When I woke up, the fumes from the glue had completely vanished.
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  12. So in essence what you are saying is that:

    The universe sucks!

    Explains a lot does that.
  13. No....

    It's not the universe that sucks. It's gravity that does that. It also makes pilots sweat. Just watch what happens to any pilot when the whirly air-con fan on the front stops going round - pilot sweats when gravity starts to suck.
  14. Most of us dashing chaps will have experienced the effects of "animal magnetism" at one time or another. Its effect is very similar to the Moon's gravitational pull on the Earth and its constant predictability of attraction. Although the effects of "animal magnetism" may be chronologically less predictable, its effect is just as certain. The only variation being, that the more desperate your need for an "emission", the stronger the certainty of attracting the aesthetically challenged bovine.
  15. Not just gravity that sucks, lightbulbs do it also. It's a common misbelief that lightbulbs emit light. Bollocks, they suck in dark. just take a look at one when it's full and stops working. All black inside. See, told ya.