What is MACC cat c

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cold_Scouse, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Could anyone help me out with any info on What MACC cat c is or where I can find any info on the above. Have a presentation so any help appreciated.
  2. Military aid to the civil community - unpaid

    Sounds like filling sandbags ready for a flood or something as mundane
  3. MACC Cat a is something like foot and mouth, Fireman strike
    MACC Cat b is something like 75 Engineers building a Polar Bear House
    MACC Cat c is an individual supporting the civil community but doing what. I need some examples if anyone has them or has done them before.

  4. Am guessing noone knows anything about MACC cat c
  5. Shame there's no MACC(y) D...
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Who asked you to do the presentation and who is the audience?

  7. If you are Sgt and above you should have done your annual training on UK Ops Level 1.

    Go to your local DELC or log on to DLP and you should have the annual UK Ops Level 1 Trg package available.

    It sounds like you have been dicked to give this individual training as a presentation - which will be nice because the trg package is interactive with quizzes!

    Next level up from this is a 2 day course held at and run by your regional brigade/JRLO and then after that a 3 day course run by SJC at a post EPC location to be determined in the near future.
  8. All sorted now thanks for all replies.

    Went okay on the presentation then found out about MACA