What is Lucknow Platoon?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by woiczeck82, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Hey all

    I have heard of Lucknow platoon at RMAS but was wondering how it works?

    Do you only get sent there if you are injured? Or do you continue normal schedule aswell as specialized remedial training that Lucknow Pl offers?
    Meaning if you end up there do you repeat a term once you're at full fitness or does Lucknow Pl run a training schedule concurrently with that of any another company at Sandhurst?

    Would be glad to get all the info I can as I have just had a small operation and my course starts soon - have been warned I could end up there if I'm not well by the time the course starts!

  2. One for Barbs to answer?
  3. Hmmm, who is Barbs and how do I contact this Barbs?

    Cheers... :eek:
  4. Why don't you ask the DS? I'm sure it's not a state secret.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Having been in Lucknow Platoon (albeit a while ago), it's not that bad. If the same regime is in place, it works like this:

    Mornings - given over to rehab/fitness training - and lots of it. Usual routine would be swim, then run/tab/ then gym - with breaks in between (hence nickname of NAAFI Commandoes). Platoon is unofficially broken down into injured; healed, not fit; healed, fit, waiting to go back into training - and rehab is designed accordingly.

    Afternoon - some form of military training - weapons handling, navigation, estimate etc

    If you go into Lucknow Platoon, you will almost certainly go back at least one term (I went back two) - it takes a bit of moral character to persevere and not all do.

    If you think that your operation is not healed, speak to a doctor and to the Army - if you turn up at Sandhurst not medically fit, you could knacker yourself permanently and then you'll see Lucknow Platoon as part of the discharge process. Better to start a term late and get as full a career as you can.

    I would argue that if you are thinking/worrying about Lucknow Platoon before you've even arrived, that you should delay entry - both to get yourself physically fit and mentally better aligned.
  6. In answer to your question it is the Remedial Medical Holding Platoon at Sandhurst.

    You can be sent there from any of the 3 terms, at the discretion of the Senior Medical Officer.

    Its purpose is to allow an individual the chance to recover from injury/surgery. This is done in a staged and managed way, starting off with the basics like physio/swimming and gym work, culminating in battle pt and endurance runs.

    It is likely that an individual will stay a minimum of one term, which results in them being loaded back into training at a similar point to that which they left, in a more junior intake.

    It is unlikely that the Initial medical would allow a new entrant to be loaded straight into Lucknow, as the Army would not want to be responsible for injuries sustained prior to employment.

    No training found on the commissioning course is generally undertaken by the platoon.
  7. Cheers folks unfortunately there are no DS available in my local neighbourhood! And RMAS is a trek to go and ask about Lucknow Pl but you've given tme the info I was looking for. Regards.
  8. untallguy's description is good.

    That is the general idea -i.e., medical remedial, although changes are afoot to adopt some other flexible remedial training.

    If you have struggled along for half a term following your injury it may be deemed appropriate for you to re-start the course at the point best suited to you - e.g., if you missed much of the course through medical appointments or missed a very important part of the course.

    I am sure you were listening to all the briefs you received on the pre-course briefing, but in case you weren't - do not turn up if you have an injury or are recovering from an injury or operation. You have to be fit from the get-go. A number of people are medically discharged from the course because they arrive not medically fit. If that happens they are usually prevented from re-attending for up to 12-18 months. That delay can be avoided by getting fit before you start -i.e, delaying your arrival by 3-4 months to allow yourself time to be prepared.
  9. Hi
    I'd recommend waiting till you are 100% fit.
    The Y-list is a good place to receive treatment and fitness training, but it's better to just not get there in the first place.

    Also if you happen to excaserbate (sp?) your injury to the extent that you get MD'd, it is a pain in the arrse to get back in (I know this from personal experience).

    Be patient, wait another term, stay fit

  10. Well put together post in general but totally disagree with my bold, although I did see it en route to an MD admittedly. I found it the most moral sapping place imaginable. Don't get Y Listed but do it sensibly!!

    Don't turn up injured whatever else and if you get injured even slightly (although I'm not talking about a slight bruise etc), get it treated properly and early. Basically, don't be a hero like one chap I know who did LONG REACH with a broken bone in his foot. You need to get through Sandhurst but you need to do it in such a manner that you can still serve afterwards.
  11. Barbs knows what he is talking about so go with that advice.
  12. Sensible advice, I know people who went back on to complete the course who are now piloting desks 'cos their injury still bugs them.....

    Also sad but true, the rest of the the CC view the Y-list as lepers (despite recently producing a sword winner)......

    If you like drinking brannigans out of stella, crack on
    wait out

    PS: on the plus side you get sh!t hot at swimming ;o)
  13. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Carpe Diem said this, not me, although I agree wholeheartedly with him!
  14. I heard Lucknow was to become the new "Rowallen Company", just not quite as hard core

    On the injury side, like everyone says, avoid arriing with injuries. Some people in my platoon never got injured, on the other hand I did. Every injury was resolved quickly up until I stupidly didn't report sick for a painful foot when I also had a killer of a sore throat. Not only did I reward myself with a stress fracture that put me out for a month but I also had the joys of tonsilitis to contend with at the same time. So if you get injured or if you have parts of your body in pain, do what your body is telling you and get them fixed!

    On the other side, don't go poncing about in trainers cos you have a blister, you'll look like a c*ck
  15. RowCo (happy memories...) was run to iron out character defects in POs before the CC, not to provide a remedial physio/PT service like Lucknow does.

    And yes, Lucknow is life sapping. Watching one's mates advance on through the CC while you bimble about on crutches, is no fun at all. Avoid the opportunity to be a Y-List leper - turn up fit, and don't get broken when you're there.